On Being the ‘Other Woman’

Posted on Sep 9, 2015

arabella in black lace one pieceBy Arabella Fox

It may come as a surprise (or perhaps not!) but this high class Sydney escort is no angel… In fact I can be downright devilish and naughty when the mood takes me 😉

However, in the wake of the recent Ashley Madison scandal I want to assure you that I am always on my best behaviour when it comes to married men. This may sound unlikely coming from a female escort but please hear me out! Despite having countless opportunities to get intimate with married men in my personal life over the years, I have never had an affair. Put it down to ego but I don’t have much interest in being the ‘other woman’ – I’d prefer to be the main event, thanks!

While I am a perfect angel in my personal life, working as an escort in Sydney it is impossible to avoid married men. Many of my clients have a wife or girlfriend at home. While some are one-offs, others like Richard can become very regular clients.

Richard was an attractive guy in his mid forties who came to see me roughly once a week over a six-month period. He loved his wife but they had just had a second baby, she was working full time, and Richard felt like she had no time or energy left for him. Their marriage suffered and he naturally looked elsewhere to find the affection that he couldn’t get from his wife.

Our bookings quickly became intimate as Richard was lonely and craved a companion as much as anything. We would go out for dinners and drinks, laugh and flirt, chat and get to know each other, before ending the night with hot passionate sex.

But wait, doesn’t that count as an affair?

Well… in a word, no! I was not a vulnerable single woman slowly falling in love with him. I am a professional and I recognised that each meeting was a business transaction. I genuinely liked Richard, enjoyed his company and of course I was charming, affectionate and fun (not to mention giving him the best sex in Sydney!) but at the end of the day I was doing my job. My feelings did not come into it and with love removed from the equation, there was never any risk of me exposing his cheating ways. As a high-class Sydney escort, discretion is my middle name 😉

So if you are a married man weighing up whether to have an affair or book a Sydney escort, be warned: affairs are a very risky business! Just look at Ashley Madison! Even if you can control your emotions and keep a strict ‘no strings attached’ approach, there is no guarantee that your chosen ladyfriend can do the same.

On the other hand, if you choose to book one of the hottest escorts in Sydney, not only do you get to have mind-blowing sex with a stunning model, but you are also safe in the hands of a professional. If you value your marriage and want to keep your indiscretions secret, I would recommend following Richard’s lead. He eventually stopped seeing me and patched things up with his wife, who was none the wiser 😉

Ciao for now,

Arabella xx

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