Orgasm-Inducing Oral Techniques

Posted on Nov 30, 2017

Knowing how to give good oral is an essential life skill. No matter who you’re going down on, we can help you perfect your technique. Here’s some tips on how to become the ultimate oral sex-pert.

Dim the lights

Getting freaky with the lights on is fun and all, but it can also be a little nerve-wracking if you’re insecure about what you look like naked. To ease any anxieties, try making your bedroom as dark as possible. Rather than stressing out about your body issues, operating under the cover of darkness will allow you to relax and enjoy the moment.

 Deep Throating Tricks

Is your lady friend’s gag reflex a little sensitive? Don’t worry – there are ways to work around this issue. After all, not everyone can deep throat like a porn star. Luckily, when it comes to full-penis sensations, deep throating isn’t your only option. Your partner can simply use their hands to stimulate any part of your penis they can’t reach with their mouth.

If you’re determined to make deep throating a part of your oral routine, try to take things slowly. This isn’t the kind of skill that can be learnt overnight.

Return the Favour

How would you like to have more oral sex in your life? The trick is to give as good as you get. Oral sex works both ways you know! Even if we’re conditioned to think otherwise, women deserve (and enjoy) oral sex just as much as men do. And what better way to put your partner in the mood to pleasure you than by pleasuring them first?

Flavoured Lube is Your Friend

Did you know that lube can be used for oral as well as penetrative sex? Apart from improving the taste, the lack of friction can make orgasming easier. Blow jobs can be particularly enjoyable with a little extra lubrication (for both the giver and the receiver).

The trick is to find a lube that tastes nice. From chocolate to strawberry, plenty of companies make flavoured lube these days (just be sure to check that the lube you plan on using is safe to ingest).


Whether you’re having a one night stand or going down on your partner of 10 years, communication is essential to good oral. If you’re not sure whether your technique is effective, or if something isn’t working for you, speak up about it! Unless you find the courage to say something, you’ll be doomed to endure bad head for the rest of your life.

 Ice Ice babylush blonde with long wavy hair

If you really want to take your oral game to the next level, try experimenting with hot and cold sensations. Your temperature rises when you’re aroused, making you extra sensitive to the cold. Whether you want to use cold water, a fan or even ice cubes, exposing your erogenous zones to something cold during oral sex can generate all kinds of tingly sensations.

The contrast between the warmth of your partner’s mouth and whatever you’re using to cool down will put your senses into overdrive.  Just be careful with using ice cubes – we’d hate for you to burn your penis.

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