Our Escorts Share Their Most Memorable Dates

Posted on Jun 7, 2015

As a client, it’s natural to want your date to mean something special to both you and your escort. But how do you make your time together stand out and truly be an experience neither of you will ever forget? We asked some of our escorts to share their most memorable dates.

What was your most memorable date?

Claudia: We went to a wine bar and had a bubble bath in the hotel and then spent the night together.

Samantha: We met at an exclusive hotel in the city and had a drink in his suite. We proceeded to give each other body massages with scented oil, which I found to be very erotic.

Bree sharing her best date nights


Bree: We ordered oysters and red wine in the hotel room that overlooked the harbour. We wore bathrobes, drank casually and chatted about common interests. My favourite part was our easy-flowing, intelligent conversation about history and politics.

Holly: I have had many memorable dates! On one of them, I had dinner at a gentlemen’s house which overlooked the harbour – we had a lovely evening with a good chat and the food was lovely.
On another I met an international guest; we laughed a lot and it was an all-round fun night!

Erin: We went out on a boat for the day and had a beautiful lunch with a bottle of Moet. The company was great – we just talked and then headed to the cabin for a nap but we didn’t get much sleep!

What can a client do to make a date more memorable?

Claudia: Talk first and have a drink.

platinum blonde escort Holly


Holly: Talk less about their personal life? They are pretty good at making things memorable; I wouldn’t change anything.

Bree: A laid-back client. I don’t like clients who are anxious or rushed…I like a client to treat our time together as a date, not a transaction.

Samantha: Offer a drink to start with, then after we converse for a short while, he can slowly undress me.

Erin: I love getting to know the client! First up, tell me something interesting about you or make me laugh.

What do you do to make the date more memorable for your client?

Bree: To be more memorable, I like to be warm and affectionate and create a relaxed atmosphere with no stress. I love to give and receive massages.

Claudia: Talk and find some common ground, have a laugh together, and massages and cuddles!

Holly: Dig into certain fantasies – ask open questions about sexual interests, so I can find out and work with that. I make suggestions if things begin to become dull or quiet, like music or little bit of sexy dancing. I am also open to ideas!

Mature escort Samantha


Samantha: I enjoy the intimacy as much as my client does, especially passionate kissing. Using toys adds a bit of extra excitement!

Erin: I am very adaptable and really try to tune in to what my client enjoys and finds stimulating. I think having a connection is the key to having a good time.

Are you ready to ask one of our Sydney escorts out for a special experience? If so, contact us to make your booking today. You may just be an escort’s next memorable date!

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