Real vs Fake: Which Boobs Are Best?

Posted on Nov 15, 2015

The verdict is in: boobs are great. But what’s the difference between real and fake? Does it matter? Breast implants continue to grow (in popularity, that is), and it’s becoming more and more likely that you will encounter enhanced endowments. Some people get pretty passionate in the real vs fake debate – here’s our breakdown of these sexy female attributes.busty brunettereal boobs versus fake boobs

Real Boobs

If you’re in the ‘real boob’ camp, you probably love boobs of all shapes and sizes, and appreciate how unique every pair can be.

Natural boobs tend to be softer due to being made of fat, and they usually follow the natural lines of the woman. As she moves, they will move with her and adjust depending on how she uses her body. You might find them more fun to move and hold as well; guys that love giving a good squeeze will find a pair of reals ideal.

When it comes to being the owner of the chest, being low maintenance is one the key perks of real boobs – they are often easier to fit for bras and clothes, and they make it easier for women to self-check for abnormalities.

Fake Boobs

Fake boobs can go one of two ways: they can be well done by a professional cosmetic surgeon who has qualifications and experience, or they can be poorly constructed. Poorly constructed fake boobs will often be overdone, misshapen or uneven.

Those jobs aside, fake boobs can be incredible works of art. They are firm and perky, with carefully placed nipples. They are less likely to move naturally with a woman’s body, staying in place despite what her arms are doing. Sometimes, they may sit a little higher than natural boobs – real ones are generally located around arm-pit level, whereas surgical enhancements put them a touch higher.

The owner of these attributes might have to adjust their sleep positions and buy special supportive underwear to keep those babies pain-free and looking great. In the grand scheme of things, though, those factors don’t influence decisions too much.

The Conclusion

The only conclusion that can really be drawn here is that boobs are great! No matter what your personal preference is, nothing beats a tight shirt that only just hides what’s going on underneath. There’s a certain thrill associated with breasts, and seeing a barely visible nipple beneath clothing is often a massive turn-on for admirers of the female form.

At the end of the day, every person has their own tastes and desires. As long as you don’t force other people to live according to your personal preferences, you can enjoy a sneaky look (and more if it’s someone you have a consenting connection with) and appreciate every pair of boobs that appeals to you!

Real or fake doesn’t matter that much. Boobs are awesome, and if you play your cards right, there’s a good chance you will find out what they’re like for yourself. Or book one of our best Sydney escorts and play with them! Check out our gallery and find a pair that you wouldn’t mind seeing more of – then simply call us on 9955 3345 and book your evening!
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