How to Start 2016 with a Bang

Posted on Jan 3, 2015

Want 2016 to be your best and biggest year yet? Of course you do! If you’re hoping for a magical 12 months full of awesome memories, you simply must start things off with a perfect New Year’s Eve. Here are our top tips to help you start your 2016 with a bang.

Carefree Company

New Year’s Eve is just like any festive occasion; if you surround yourself with fun people, you’re in for a fun night. However, the definition of “fun” is different for everyone. Fun people might include your best mates or your closest relatives. Alternatively, the recipe for a perfect ending to 2015 might include just a single special person – your significant other, your new girlfriend, or perhaps one of our stunning Sydney escorts.

One thing is for sure: having more than just a kiss when the clock strikes 12 is a great way to kick off the New Year with some ‘fireworks’ of your own!

A Perfect Place

Speaking of fireworks, if you’re celebrating the countdown to 2016 in Sydney, you really shouldn’t pass up watching the colourful explosions over the harbour. An amazing New Year’s Eve is made even more sensational by finding the ideal vantage point to view the midnight fireworks. Consider booking a hotel room with a veranda looking towards the bridge.

Alternatively, get in early to save a spot at one of the many excellent viewing spots in the area: the Opera House, Dawes Point, Mrs Macquaries Point or the Circular Quay Promenade, for example. As long as you have a clear line of sight, seeing those fireworks light up the sky is sure to leave you feeling optimistic and cheerful about the year ahead.

Fantastic Food and Drinks

It just isn’t New Year’s Eve without some delicious snacks and tasty beverages. If you’re confident in the kitchen, cook up some food in advance and invite friends over to drink and feast into 2016. Superstitious? Incorporate some ‘lucky’ foods into your countdown feast – greens, beans, fish, pork, noodles, grapes and ring-shaped cakes are traditionally popular options here.

When it comes to drinks, champagne is the obvious choice. However, if bubbly isn’t your favourite beverage, you’re welcome to drink whatever you’re in the mood for. If it’s a beer, some whiskey, or even a milkshake you’re craving, go for it! Your 2016 should be full of moments where you make the best decisions for yourself, so why not start it off by choosing a celebratory drink that really reflects your tastes?

The Right Attitude

Getting the most out of the year to come is all about having the right attitude. Is it a cliché? Sure. Does it work? You better believe it! Kick-start the year by making positive resolutions and having faith you can achieve them. When you toast and kiss at midnight, tell yourself that this year will be incredible.

We know 2016 will be an amazing year for Select Sydney, and we hope it will be for you too! If you’re looking for some delightful company for your New Year’s Eve (or for any date in the coming 12 months), simply contact us to make a booking with one of our Sydney escorts.
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