Sexploit Stories: The Tourist

Posted on Nov 14, 2014

By Arabella Fox

Sydney is definitely one of my favourite cities of all time. The combo of beautiful beaches, beautiful people, amazing culture and nightlife, plus all the trappings of success for a high-powered businesswoman like myself, makes Sydney the perfect place to live. And of course we have the best high class escorts as well!Arabella fox in sexy short dress at Circular Quay

I am very proud of our city and just love showing visitors around… particularly when the visitor happens to be a gorgeous young Brazilian man! This is exactly what happened to me last week.

Coming out of a salon in the city (believe me, it takes a lot of time and energy to look this good!) with a coffee in my hand when I walked straight into this guy and almost spilled my coffee over him. He caught my hand and said ‘I am sorry’ with a heavy accent. I said ‘no, that was my fault-‘ and stopped when I found myself staring up at a beautiful young man with tousled blonde hair, green eyes, tanned skin and a chiselled jaw. He looked like a model and couldn’t have been more than 25. Must have been my lucky day!

I was still apologising when he said ‘actually I wonder, can you help me? I want go to Circular Quay.’ He didn’t need to ask twice. I had the afternoon free so I offered to show him the way.

We wandered around the Quay, chatting and flirting in broken English as I pointed out the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. I learned that he had just arrived from Brazil and in fact he was 23 years old. There was a powerful sexual current between us; I could hardly keep my eyes off him and he kept finding excuses to touch me. We were watching the ferries coming and going and he said he had been thinking of visiting Manly. I suggested we take the ferry back to my place instead, which is just a couple of stops away!

His grinned, pulled me close and kissed me… and suddenly we couldn’t get on that ferry fast enough. We found a quiet seat and I started touching him through his jeans, delighted to find that he had an enormous cock! As soon as we got through my front door, we started tearing each other’s clothes off in a total frenzy.

I was worried he might cum too fast so before he could get too excited, I led him to my bedroom and handcuffed him to the bed. I did a sexy striptease and he moaned softly at the sight of my full breasts spilling out of a pink silk bra and my butt in a tiny g-string. I then straddled him, stopping to wait every time he seemed close to orgasm until finally he said ‘come on, you’re driving me crazy!’ – at which point I removed the handcuffs and told him he was the boss now.

The guy was an animal. He pinned me to the wall and pounded me fast and hard until he came… and then we did it again and again. By the time he left my legs were quivering from exhaustion but he still had energy to burn. Oh the vigour of youth!
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