Sexploits: Strangers on a Train

Posted on Apr 4, 2014

By Arabella Fox

Hello boys and welcome to another tale of lust and naughtiness! As you know I’m a pretty adventurous girl when it comes to sex… if I get the chance to have some fun outside the bedroom, I am always up for it.

One night not too long ago, I was on the train, heading home from my day job as a city lawyer. Let’s just say I was in a playful mood 😉

The man sitting opposite me looked like a high-powered executive. He was a bit older but still very attractive – the salt and pepper look was definitely working for him! I could see the suggestion of his strong chest and biceps underneath his designer suit.

I must have been gazing at him hungrily because a moment later he looked up and our eyes met. It was like an electric current passed through the air between us. All I could think about was having sex with him and I’m pretty sure he felt the same too. I licked my lips and opened my mouth slightly, and I could see his jaw clench with desire. He loosened his tie. I made sure nobody else was looking then undid the top button of my blouse so he could see the swell of my breasts… he seemed very turned on 😉

The train was slowing into a station, so I gave him a mischievous smile and stood up. His eyes roamed hungrily over my figure. I was wearing my tightest pencil skirt and it clings to my legs and butt (which is perfectly round and firm, if I do say so myself!).man and woman in laneway making love

When I got off the train, he was right behind me. I leaned up and whispered in his ear “do you want to have some fun?” and he answered by kissing me hard on the mouth. He took my hand and led me through a maze of little streets until we came to a narrow, deserted alleyway.

He tore open my shirt and kissed my neck and breasts, while pressing himself against me. I undid his belt and started touching him. He was already rock-hard – all that foreplay on the train obviously paid off!

He pushed me up against the wall, lifted my skirt and slid my panties to one side. I felt his fingers slip inside me, then as I tipped my head back to whimper with pleasure, he replaced his fingers with something bigger 😉 I wrapped my legs around him and we had rough, fast sex right there in the alley.

Of course I was a little nervous that someone would see us, but that’s what made it all so exciting – the thrill of getting caught.

Afterwards, we chatted as we got dressed, kissed goodbye, and parted ways without so much as a backward glance. To me, this was perfect – no obligations, no strings attached… just naughty, dirty sex with a hot stranger.

Until next time,

Arabella xx
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