Sexy Ways to Keep Warm This Winter

Posted on Jul 7, 2015

Liv in wool coat naked underneathThe mercury has plummeted the past few days but that is no excuse for things to cool down in the bedroom! In fact it’s all the more reason to keep it hot, hot, hot. If you’re stuck for ideas, don’t worry because we have the hottest escorts in Sydney on hand to help.

Now that winter is upon us it does not mean you need to hide out under the duvet and stop having sexy good times. All you need to do is close the windows, turn up the heater and voila it is a balmy 27 degrees, the perfect temperature to get your sexy on!

Read on for our guide to 5 fun and sexy games to play at home on a cold and rainy evening:

Feed Your Senses

This is a great way to get things started on your next Sydney outcall. Your gorgeous female escort will blindfold you and feed you different foods such as strawberries, chocolate, champagne and honey. When you can’t see what’s happening, your other senses become heightened and you will feel tantalized waiting to try each new taste and texture. If you’re turned on by the idea of being submissive to a sexy and powerful woman, any game involving a blindfold is a great introduction.

Hot & Cold

Continue into the bedroom and take your escort services to the next level of hotness! While you remain blindfolded, your beautiful companion will take a small mouthful of something very cold such as delicious creamy ice cream and start slowly giving you a blowjob. Before long she will switch to something like warm, silky honey, which feels completely different on your most sensitive body part. We guarantee the sensation will blow your mind – the challenge now is to stop yourself from coming too soon so you can enjoy more sexy adult services!

Strip Poker

This is an oldie but a goodie and all you need is a deck of cards and the clothes you are dressed in. It’s incredibly erotic to enjoy a slow striptease – imagine seeing your beautiful blonde escort, redhead escort or brunette escort slowly shed all her winter layers to reveal her gorgeous toned arms, legs, stomach, curvaceous hips, perfect breasts and finally remove her panties. You will be gagging for more!

Naked Twister

On your next Sydney outcall service, relive the old childhood favourite with a naughty ‘twist’… you are both naked! As you try to get into position on the Twister board you may find your limbs becoming tangled and perhaps your face will end up pressed into your companion’s beautiful breasts… or your pelvis might be pressed against her pert derriere… the options (and the fun) are endless!

Slippery Sex

To replicate the sexy feel of a sauna or steam room, crank the heat up to well over 30 degrees, lay down some towels and cover yourselves from head to toe in massage oil. As you and your Sydney escort become sweaty and feel your bodies slide easily over each other, the sex becomes incredibly hot, hard and animalistic.
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