Signs you’re with a Classy Lady

Posted on May 23, 2015
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Meet our sexy confident, polite escorts!

For many men, the ideal partner is someone who is classy on the streets and wild between the sheets. They are someone who knows how to have a good time in all settings, without kissing and telling. While it may seem as though finding this perfect woman is near impossible, never fear – our bevvy of beautiful Sydney escorts tick all the boxes! Below you’ll find just some of the features and characteristics that help them stand out from the rest.


Head up high, shoulders straight, and opinions she is not afraid to voice – confidence is super sexy! It comes in all shapes and forms, so it could be found in the woman who dresses in bright colours that draw attention or the woman who dresses more conservatively because of her security in her own femininity and everything in between.


There’s a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt that says “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people”. While this may not apply perfectly to every person or situation, take a moment to think about how you would prefer to spend time. Do you want to spend every interaction talking about how Cathy is cheating on her husband, or would you rather engage in a spirited debate about human nature?


When you think about the qualities of a classy lady, grooming is often very high on the list. Hygiene, clean clothing, maintained hair, tastefully-applied make-up – these are what help to create an overall impression of a woman who has her life together. An escort with class knows that personal presentation plays a large role in how clients view her, so she makes an effort to put her best foot forward at every opportunity.


While using please and thank you at the appropriate times is a good start, manners goes much deeper than that. Take care to observe how your escort treats those around her. Is she as polite and kind to the taxi driver as she is to her social circle? Does she treat wait staff well? These small everyday interactions tell a lot about who a person may be behind closed doors, so be sure to value a lady who has manners and time for everyone, not just those she sees as important.


Forming genuine connections with other people is a valuable skill in life. Interacting with someone who feels like they have a permanent façade can be exhausting and demoralising. It can leave you questioning their every word and doubting your own self-worth. A person who is superficial is difficult to trust, and it can damage any developing relationships. Find an escort who cares enough to not only start a conversation, but will also listen to what you have to say and take that on board.

A classy lady can take many forms, and what is classy for you may not be classy to your friends or family. One thing we can vouch for is the class of our Sydney escorts, so if you want to spend time with a lady who knows how to make a good impression every time, contact us today!
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