Something’s in the Air: How Spring Can Boost Your Libido

Posted on Oct 10, 2015

tanned blonde outdoors in white lacey lingerieEver noticed an extra spring in your step once the last of those gloomy winter days gets blown away? That’s not just coincidence – there’s science behind that little bounce! It’s not just the superficial aspects of your energy that can be affected by the warmer weather, either. Pay attention to your ‘desires’ and you might notice a definite spike in your libido come spring. This could be due to a number of reasons, but here are some common factors.


The outdoor temperature is thought to have an effect on fertility – when it’s just right, it is thought to affect either women’s ovulation or men’s sperm production. And when your body is fertile, correlating hormone spikes often result in increased libido!


As the seasons change, so do our moods! You might not personally experience a large shift in the way you feel from season to season, but many people experience significant fluctuations in their mood. With a boost in the way you approach your days, you may also notice a positive swing in your sexual drive.


Environmental factors have been proven to influence things like hormone and chemical production in our bodies. More sunlight tells the body to produce less melatonin (a sleep-aiding chemical) and increase the serotonin (the ‘happiness’ chemical). The result? More energy and another boost to your mood. Who could say no to that?


Have you ever gone into winter hibernation? Rest easy; you’re not alone! When you emerge from your cave, though, you often find yourself being more active. Exercise is an awesome way to release endorphins – more of those natural, internal happiness creators. The other factor at play here is your self-confidence; the better you feel about yourself, the more you tend to want to show off your body and get a little intimate with someone.


With the warmer weather comes less clothing. Throughout winter, there seem to be endless layers separating your eyes from bare skin. But once those layers are shed, it’s almost like a whole new world! When it comes to sexual arousal, visual stimulation is key. Not only are the extra centimetres on view often quite appealing in themselves, but people who are wearing less may change the way they carry themselves. Someone who was bent against the weight or bulk of large coats might suddenly stand a little taller and throw their shoulders back – and if there’s a universally sexy trait, it would have to be confidence.

So if you want to reap the full benefits of the change in weather, your path is clear! Get outside, enjoy the beautiful weather, get moving and take off your clothes. Could there be any sweeter way to spend your spring? Oh yeah, there is – with one of our stunning Sydney escorts!

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