Why Are Pornstar Experience Escorts So Popular?

Posted on Nov 14, 2019

One of the main reasons for men to seek out escort services is to fulfil their deepest, most secret fantasies.

Although some do opt for escort girls for the companionship they provide, or for them to experience a sense of intimacy similar to that of any committed relationship (e.g. through the girlfriend experience or GFE), most clients want to really experience what many men can only dream of. These include fantasies involving bondage or BDSM, flirty encounters with a naughty nurse or sexy housemaid, dirty talk, and many others.

However, of all these secret desires, nothing can compare to the pornstar experience (PSE). If you’ve ever seen the pornstar experience on the menu of your favourite escort in Sydney, and wondered what the big deal is, we’re here to enlighten you. Read on to know exactly what makes pornstar experience escorts so popular.

1. Pornstar experience escorts pretty much behave like the real thing.

Unlike the girlfriend experience, which is pretty tame, the pornstar experience is totally hard-core; the polar opposite of the GFE. Pornstar experience escorts are expected to behave exactly like the porn stars men get to see on porn websites or videos.

For many clients the chance to indulge their fantasy of ‘starring’ in their own porn situation is just too much to resist. If this sounds like fun to you, the PSE might be ideal.

Of course, choosing a service offered by an escort agency comes down to the individual. Sure, not everyone is going to be turned on by a porn star escort, but trust us when we say that the porn star experience is among the most in-demand of all experiences on offer. And why not? Many guests’ forbidden, lustful fantasies can only be fulfilled by highly-skilled porn star experience escorts.

2. Pornstar experience escorts get genuinely aroused.

The porn star experience implies certain things. It implies that the escort girl will perform sex acts typically observed in porn. It is also implied that, when these acts are carried out, she will show signs of arousal. Sexually extreme acts are usually the focus, including adventurous positions, dirty talk, anal play, light spanking, loud moaning, deep throating and gagging, facials, or ejaculating on the body, sex using toys or costumes, and other types of fetishes.

The main concept behind the pornstar experience is that the client gets to realise his pornographic sexual fantasies – ones that don’t happen so often in real life.

And since the nature of some of these acts goes well beyond simply intimacy, the porn star experience requires a level of trust to be established between the client and the escort. This is why many escorts who offer the pornstar experience may only offer this to long-term, familiar clients.

3. Pornstar experience escorts ensure that their clients get to live out their wildest fantasies.

The porn star experience is all about making your hard-core, porn-inspired fantasies come true.

You can act out any typical scenario from a porn: a plumber or an electrician coming to call, a teacher punishing a naughty student or a teacher hooking up with a flirty teen, a guy catching a woman masturbating, a lonely wife catching a burglar and seducing him, a woman unable to pay for a pizza delivery ends up paying for it with her body, etc.

In the porn star experience, the escort girl is expected to take on the role of the naughty, flirty, up to no good porn character. If you have an escort who is up for the role, and who trusts you enough to make your fantasies, and hers, happen, then you’re in for a good time.

Porn is expected to be unrealistic – a product of the often irrational and exaggerated fantasies of the men dominating the industry. But even so, you’ll get as close as possible to making it real when you choose professional pornstar experience escorts.

4. Pornstar experience escorts leave their clients physically drained, but totally satisfied.

Since each PSE encounter is centred around raw, wanton sexual activities, there is little human emotion involved, except in its rawest and most carnal forms. The goal is solely sexual fulfilment, and almost anything goes.

Some pornstar experience escorts allow clients to climax their mouths, although STD clearance is (understandably) required before any PSE session. A pornstar experience client expects to become physically drained from the experience, and our pornstar experience escorts are more than capable of delivering. 

How to Handle the Pornstar Experience with Tact

Even if you signed up for a pornstar experience, keep in mind that it is still a business transaction. Anything not already agreed upon may not be possible, and it is important to discuss what you want the session to involve with the agency and the escort ahead of time. Also, even though porn routinely shows characters practising unsafe sex, don’t expect the same with an escort service. Safe sex is practised for you and your chosen escort’s health and safety.

Since it is highly likely that the escort girl is already someone familiar to you (and vice versa), it’s best to iron out the details of what you want to happen in advance. You can directly find out what she is willing to do or what activities are acceptable to her. This way, your pornstar experience can be carried out in a way that still feels spontaneous and natural, but is fun and safe for both parties.

With adequate preparation, your pornstar experience is guaranteed to be one of your most pleasurable and unforgettable experiences with an escort service – which is exactly how it should be.

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