The Best Places to Pick Up in Sydney

Posted on Aug 5, 2016

sexy blonde sitting on chair poutingWant to know exactly where to party in Sydney? With its lively nightlife and notoriously sexy populace, Sydney is known for its social scene. Whether you’re hoping to meet a new partner or looking for something a little more casual, this bustling metropolis is the perfect place to get lucky. From dimly lit bars to fine dining restaurants to glitzy nightclubs, it offers the perfect blend of romance and fun. If you’re single and ready to mingle, try visiting some of these hotspots.

The Beach Road Hotel

Just around the corner from Bondi Beach, the Beach Road Hotel is one Sydney’s most iconic bars. It can get a little rowdy at times but it’s a great place to meet people, regardless of what kind of hook-up you’re looking for. With a sports bar downstairs, live music upstairs, a beer garden, and rooms to rent for the night, this place has everything. The usual crowd is typically made up of locals, out-of-towners and international tourists, so you’re bound to meet someone that takes your fancy. For a chill mid-week night out, head there on a Wednesday, or if you want to listen to some tunes while you’re on the prowl, some of Sydney’s best local bands play there on the regular.

The Chinese Laundry

As one of Sydney biggest and most infamous nightclubs, The Chinese Laundry has no doubt played a part in thousands of hook-ups. With three separate club areas, there’s plenty of room to dance the night away, along with lots of dark corners hidden away from prying eyes. The music is insanely loud, so it’s not really the kind of venue to go to for a deep and meaningful conversation. However, if you’d rather skip the getting-to-know-you side of things, the Chinese Laundry is the perfect place to kick off a one-night stand.

The Golden Sheaf Hotel

The Golden Sheaf Hotel is a playground for the wealthy. Known for its opulent décor and live jazz music, Sydneysiders refers to this venue simply as The Sheaf. It can be found in the upmarket suburb of Double Bay, on the eastern side of the harbour. With everything from beers to fancy cocktails, it manages to be classy without trying too hard or coming across as overly pretentious. If you are you on the lookout for a sugar daddy, or perhaps a sugar mama, be sure to hit up The Sheaf.


Why not treat yourself to some gourmet food and a few drinks while you’re playing the pick-up game? Located on MacLeay Street in Potts Point, Monopole is one of Sydney’s premier wine bars, although the food and atmosphere are just as impressive as the drinks selection. With meals designed to be shared and a cosy atmosphere, it’s not hard to see why this venue is so popular with young singles in Sydney.
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