The Best Sex Apps

Posted on Mar 24, 2017

Modern technology has revolutionised hook up culture. From meeting new people to finding like-minded fetish enthusiasts, anything sex-related can be done with an app these days. If you need help finding a suitable sex app, these are a few of our favourites.

Sex Position of the Day

Created by Cosmopolitan, this app can help you spice up your sex life. Getting motivated to try new sex positions isn’t always easy, but with a different suggestion each day, you’ll never run out of inspiration. It’s essentially like carrying a sex position encyclopaedia around in your phone. Some of the positions are pretty intense, but they come with step-by-step instructions and helpful diagrams. If you’re feeling adventurous, there’s even a carnal knowledge rating to help you find the most athletic positions. The more flames a position has, the more challenging it is. Just be sure to warm up beforehand, otherwise you might end up pulling a muscle.
You can check out the Sex Position of the Day App here.


Do you ever have trouble keeping track of your conquests? Congrats on having such an active sex life! But if you’re trying to get more organised, the Sexulator app can help. It features a calendar that allows you to see how many times you’ve gotten lucky in the last month, with symbols to clarify what kind of relations you had. The heart symbol means you’ve had sex, the O stands for oral, and the lips signify making out. There’s even an M for multiple partners! Whether you’re single or in a relationship, this app can be customised to suit any lifestyle. It also comes with a discreet icon, so you won’t have to worry about keeping your phone away from prying eyes.
Start calculating your conquests by downloading the Sexulator app here.


Have you always enjoyed choose your own adventure games? Then you’ll love this app! Designed for couples, Pillow prompts users with R-rated play-by-play instructions. From kissing and caressing to full-blown sex, it encourages a range of sensual activities. One of the best things about this app is that it’s female-positive, and can be used by both straight and same-sex couples. Easy to use and inclusive? What more could you want in a sex app?
Find out how to play here.


Telling your partner your sexual fantasies can be nerve wracking. If you’re desperate to have this conversation but don’t know how to talk about your desires without feeling foolish, UnderCovers offers the perfect solution. It allows you to reveal to your partner all the kinky things you’d like to do to them without actually talking to them in person. As each kink appears, you and your partner can either tick yes, no or maybe. From bondage to slightly more vanilla fetishes, it covers all kinds of sexual tastes.
Learn how to divulge your dirty secrets using the UnderCovers app here.
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