The Best Sex Songs

Posted on Jan 24, 2016

beautiful blonde dancingSo you’ve booked an outcall service with one of the hottest escorts in Sydney. You’ve done your personal grooming, cleaned the house, dimmed the lights, lit some candles, got some tasty refreshments and are waiting for your special lady to arrive. Everything is ready and exactly as it should be… or is it?

Sounds to us like things are a bit quiet – what you really need is some good music!

While some people might enjoy having sex in Sydney in total silence, we believe that a good soundtrack can help you relax into the situation when you first meet your beautiful brunette escort, redhead escort or blonde escort in Sydney… it will also turn up the heat when you start undressing, kissing, and caressing her. Choosing the right playlist can even help you have a more intense orgasm if you time it right! So it’s worth putting some thought into the music to accompany your adult entertainment.

Forget cheesy classics like Marvin Gaye and Barry White – our list combines slow, deep, sensual jams with more hard and fast tracks for pornstar-style sex. Read on for our suggestions on the best songs to play while you’re getting it on.

Air – La Femme D’Argent

This song is a great one to kick things off with a chilled vibe to get you feeling relaxed and in the mood for some slow, passionate sex.

The xx – Intro

Another sensual electronic gem with more of an indie feel. The xx’s self-titled debut album is widely ranked as one of the best sex playlists ever!

Massive Attack – Inertia Creeps

This thrusting, rhythmic track is perfect for lovers who like it rough, with a primal beat to encourage you to unleash your inner beast and get hot, heavy and sweaty.

Usher – Climax

With a smooth R&B feel, soaring falsetto and amazing build to the ‘climax’, this song is the perfect one to play when you are ready to explode… or when you are pleasuring your stunning Sydney escort companion and want to take her to an amazing orgasm.

Madonna – Justify My Love

Super controversial when it was released in 1990 for its breathy, sexual lyrics and S&M-flavoured video, this is a great track for all the passionate lovers out there.

INXS – Need You Tonight

For more of a rock’n’roll vibe, include this classic tune as part of your Sydney outcall playlist and watch your female escort melt listening to lyrics like “there’s something about you girl, that makes me sweat” while you pleasure her!

D’Angelo – Untitled (How Does It Feel?)

D’Angelo’s album Voodoo is voted one of the best ever sex albums, and if this R&B / soul tune with an incredible climax is anything to go by, we have to agree. Guaranteed to get you hot and heavy with your Sydney escort in no time.
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