The Importance of Being a Gentleman

Posted on Jul 24, 2013

Importance of being a GentlemanAfter you’ve browsed through the seductive curves, ripe breasts, shapely legs and tousled hair of the sexy Sydney escorts on our website, your appetite will have been well and truly whet by the mouthwatering selection of ladies on offer. Maybe hot blondes are your thing, or perhaps you prefer a sultry brunette. Whatever your desires, our friendly receptionists can help find the Sydney escort that’s the perfect fit for you in every way.

Once you have secured an appointment with your chosen lady, fantasies of slowly undressing her and pressing her delicious body against yours may run through your mind, as you dream of all the things you’d like to do to her, and vice versa. We understand that every man is different, with unique wants, needs and desires in the bedroom. Perhaps you are seeking a true girlfriend experience, with lots of talking and eye contact, gentle touching and stroking, and slow, passionate sex. Maybe you want a fiery, powerful woman who will take control and pleasure you until you helplessly explode. Perhaps erotic massage really gets you going, or you have a particular fantasy that makes you hot under the collar. Whatever floats your boat, the ladies at Select Sydney Escorts will deliver!

Our sensual and elegant Sydney escorts are professionals who love nothing more than to see their clients satisfied, and will do everything they can (within reason) to give you what you desire. However, if you want a truly mind-blowing experience, it always pays to be nice. While most of our clients are perfect gentleman, it helps to know a few basic dos and don’ts of escort etiquette. Before your sexy session begins, there are a few things you can do to ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride, no matter who is on top… Firstly, never underestimate the importance of personal hygiene! This may seem like common sense, but your Sydney escort will be much more keen to lick, suck and pleasure your body if you are freshly showered and wearing clean underwear. Make sure you have the correct money ready before your booking and don’t try to haggle over fees. Remember you are paying a stunning lady to pleasure and entertain you, not bartering for groceries in a marketplace. When your Sydney escort arrives, don’t answer the door dressed in a Superman outfit or leather chaps… best to work up to these things slowly! Take care undressing her and yourself. When you are getting down to business, be mindful about the positions you put her in – propping her up against a wonky table could end in disaster! Likewise, don’t try to suspend her from the ceiling in an elaborate harness made out of your business suit, as she will get very tired and probably a bit tangled.

If you behave like a gentleman and treat your private Sydney escort with respect, it will be much easier for her to create an unforgettable encounter that satisfies your desires and leaves you weak at the knees! See related article for more tips on how to arouse your special lady!
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