The Most Common Sex Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Posted on Aug 26, 2016

You don’t have to be reenacting a scene from 50 Shades of Grey to sustain a sex injury. From textbook blowjobs to the good old-fashioned missionary position, even the most standard sex acts have the potential to go wrong. There’s nothing worse than getting hurt while getting it on, so whether you’re using whips and chains or indulging in a more conventional style of nookie, these are some of the most common sex injuries and how to avoid them.

Penile Fracture

It’s a common misconception that a penis can’t be fractured, but this injury is in fact very real and very painful. Caused by rapid blunt force, penile fractures usually occur during vaginal sex, although overly aggressive masturbation is another known cause. There are no bones in the penis that can physically be broken – what actually happens is a little more complicated. Every penis has an interior layer of tissue called the tunica albuginea. When a guy gets hard, this tissues expands and becomes taut. If an erect penis comes into rapid contact with anything solid (for example, a woman’s perineum) this layer of tissue may rupture, leading to swelling, bruising and excruciating pain. Guys can lower the risk of sustaining a penile fracture by being careful with their aim when thrusting.

Falling Over in the Shower

Shower sex is great and all, but nothing kills the mood quite like a broken tail bone. Doing it in the shower typically involves standing up, and with soap and water running everywhere, all it takes is one little slip of the foot to send you both crashing to the ground. The solution? Try to share your weight evenly, rather than having one person do all the heavy lifting. That way, if one person slips, the other person can try to catch them. Putting a non-skid mat on the floor can also help with making things a little less slippery.

Pulled Musclesbrunette with whips and leather

When passion takes over, it’s easy to miscalculate your own physical abilities. From your legs to your back to your neck, pulling a muscle during sex always hurts, no matter which party of your body is affected. When it comes to the achieving a good spread eagle position, women often put their hamstrings and inner thigh muscles at risk, whereas men are more likely to throw their back out. It’s always important to warm up prior to a strenuous activity, and sex is no different. The best way to avoid pulling a muscle is to refrain from doing anything too crazy at first; wait until your muscles have loosened up a little before getting adventurous with positions.
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