The Pros of Being a Sydney Escort

Posted on Sep 15, 2014

One of the most common questions escorts get asked by their clients is “how can you stand this job?” Today, one of our girls gives her side of the story and explains that there are actually a lot of upsides to being a high class Sydney escort.

“Why are you putting yourself through this?” He said. “How do you plan to get out of it?”

Here we go again, I thought. As much as I love my clients, they often see themselves as a knight in shining armour, ready to come and save me from a life of depravity – and presumably get some great sex into the bargain.

I am always tempted to turn the tables and ask if I can save them from a life of accountancy, law or business. The reality is that although some girls are driven to prostitution through desperation, lack of education, and/or expensive drug habits, the overwhelming majority of Sydney escorts are in this game because they enjoy it and are good at it. And of course the money is fantastic!

I for one really enjoy giving other people pleasure. Seeing a Sydney escort is meant to be fun, a break from the stress of everyday life. There is no denying that orgasm is an amazing tool for stress relief! We seem to be hardwired in such a way that when stress rears its ugly head, there is no better solution than a romp in the hay, a frolic under the sheets, a quickie in the hallway or passion on the dining room girl carrying shopping bags

Of course I realize that I can’t do this job forever, nor would I want to. Like many high class escorts before me I hope to find the man of my dreams, travel, start a family, do some charity work and in my case become a primary school teacher. But I also know that as a 23-year old girl in Sydney, it is not easy to raise the capital to get onto the property ladder. So, being fortunate enough to have above average looks and a good figure I decided to spread the love (and the legs) and earn that deposit by becoming an exceptional Sydney escort.

I’m fortunate that I can command high hourly rates for my services. It means that with even ten hours a week, I can still earn more than I would working at the bottom of the corporate pyramid or as a waitress. I reckon there are a fair few girls in Sydney who have more partners than me in a week without getting paid!

Of course there is a lot more to it than just the booked hours. Clients expect a lot when they pay top dollar, so I need to factor in the hours spent grooming in salons and trawling the shops for the perfect lingerie, dresses, shoes and jewellery.

But hey, I’m not complaining – most women love an excuse to shop and get their hair done! I really enjoy my job here at Select Sydney Escorts.


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