The Search for Miss Perfect: A Guide to Choosing an Escort

Posted on Mar 24, 2020

The perfect escort

Do you want to relax and unwind after a long, stressful week? Or reward yourself for all your hard work? Or just want to enjoy yourself in the best possible way? Whatever your reason (or reasons!) are for considering spending time with an escort, you definitely want to book the perfect escort. Even now, as you’re in the process of choosing an escort, you’re obviously already feeling all excited, maybe even hot and bothered in all the right places.  

But don’t let that get the better of you just yet! At this stage, keep in mind that each escort is uniquely beautiful, and every single one comes with her own qualities, specialties, and preferences. The escort you choose must be one who can best fulfill your wants and needs. Don’t you worry, though, no matter where those are in the romantic-to-wild spectrum, you can proceed with the assurance that there’s definitely a beautiful lady that’s perfect for you. Here’s a quick guide for choosing an escort.    

First, the basics.

What’s your budget and how much time can you make for the experience?  

When it comes to escort bookings, time and budget correlate with each other. Basically, the more you give, the longer the period of time you get to spend with your lovely companion. The usual minimum is at four hours, but you can avail of overnight bookings if you really want to treat yourself!  

Escort rates may also vary depending on your requests. It’s best to carefully read escort pages or websites to check for rates. If that information is not available, see if you can make your enquiries over the phone. Reputable escort agencies will have friendly receptionists ready to answer your queries about rates, as well as other information you might possibly need.  

So before you take a closer look at their pictures (yes, it can be tempting to just linger at escorts’ photo gallery the whole day), cover the basics first: think about how much time you have in your schedule and what type of services you need. Be sure you are prepared to pay, as proper payment attitude is something that clients should possess, specifically those who are not interested in finding their names in the roster of blacklisted clients! 

Gather information about your Potentional Perfect Escort  

You know you can trust an escort even when you haven’t met her yet if she’s got a solid online profile and entertains questions (as long as they’re sensible ones.) She will have no problem letting you know your time with her would be safe, because she can prove she’s got an ABN number, or she has reliable proof that she’s in optimal sexual health. This is for your security.  

When you book via an agency, you have an added layer of security. Agencies adhere to regulations and are strict when implementing health and safety practices for their girls. Their reputation comes from employing only high-class escorts. In terms of the financial side of things, they’ll also have strict policies regarding privacy and discretion. Double-check with the agency for these essentials.  

You’ve covered the basics.

Now it’s time to think about your wants and needs  

Escorts provide an impressive range of companionship services, but still, what they consist of exactly varies from one escort to another. To help you get a basic picture of what you may avail of while choosing an escort, here are some of the most popular services provided by escorts and escort agencies:  

  • Girlfriend Experience: During a GFE, an escort acts as your girlfriend – someone you go out on a romantic date with and later take up to the bedroom for some intimate bonding time. 
  • Social escort: Somewhat related to the GFE, many escorts are invited to be their client’s date to social events like company dinners, family reunions, galas, and the like.  
  • Porn star experience: During a PSE, the escort takes incognito browsing to real life – she acts as your leading lady as you perform in your own porn!  
  • BDSM: Many clients are looking to try BDSM with a seasoned sex professional. Here’s a little secret: if you feel some desire and pleasure in being the submissive one in bed, you are not the only one.  

These are only some of the many services you may request. You may also request other sex acts to be incorporated into the experience, such as erotic massage, striptease, sexy showers, and the like. Upon choosing an escort, be clear and assured with what you’re looking for, so your booking process can go swimmingly. 

Choosing an escort as a couple?  

If you are, choose an escort that offers a couples service. Some escorts are bisexual (or simply adventurous!) and would be willing and excited to join you and your lovely wife or girlfriend in bed!  

If what you’re looking for is a ménage-a-trois, the choosing process doesn’t start when you’re running your cursor through different escort profiles. It starts during your intimate conversation with your partner regarding what you need sexually, both as individuals and as a couple.  

Once you have made clear compromises about what services you will be availing of and have set certain terms or rules, you can then start looking through escort profiles. This is so important because couple escorts are committed to making the two of you satisfied, and they don’t want to leave anybody behind in terms of pleasure. Make sure the two of you are clear on what you want from her, so she can perform at her best for you.  

Ready to take your pick?

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