The Tourist Pt. 2

Posted on Dec 5, 2014

By Arabella Fox

The silly season is coming up which means a lot of you will be planning holidays… that or how to bed the hottie from HR at your office Christmas party 😉

I love to head overseas at this time of year, in fact my destination for Christmas 2014 is New York City. I’ll fill you in on all my naughty adventures when I return… this little Sydney escort always seems to get up to a lot of mischief when travelling! Whether it’s the thrill of escaping the routine, feeling more relaxed, the sense of anonymity, new sights, sounds and flavours (not to mention new and enticing people!!), overseas holidays are a huge aphrodisiac.

My most recent trip was to Italy in July – I spent a few days in Rome staying in a gorgeous hotel downtown. I had ticked off all the sites and was heading out to see the Coliseum, wearing arabella fox standing at windowcapri pants, ballet flats and a filmy low cut blouse that showed off my lovely full bust… because a sexy lady never knows whom she will meet along the way 😉

As I wandered down narrow cobblestone streets, the sky suddenly became very dark, the wind picked up and thunder started rumbling. I ducked inside a little bookshop as the heavens opened and sheets of ran bucketed down.

I noticed a man standing beside me. He commented on the storm in a heavy Italian accent and I turned to smile at him… and did a double take as I saw how gorgeous he was, with curly brown hair, olive skin and a perfect Roman profile. Of course I introduced myself straight away and learned his name was Francesco. I noticed him glancing hungrily at my cleavage and realised my breasts were glistening with tiny raindrops. Oops, how naughty of me 😉

We chatted as the storm raged outside and I learned he was a musician from Milan. Lucky Arabella!! As the rain died down, he asked if I would like to take an aperitif with him, and we both jumped on his scooter and zoomed off to a little bar in a nearby piazza. There was electric sexual tension between us…I drank my Prosecco very quickly before inviting him back to my hotel for the main course!

We opened the windows to wide views over the city and he kissed me in front of the billowing curtains. He gently removed my clothes and kissed my full breasts while murmuring in Italian… I asked what he was saying and he said my body was so bellissima and he could not resist. Who could blame him, poor man 😉

I knelt and took him in my mouth, cradling his balls with one hand and running the other hand up and down his shaft. He moaned with pleasure. When he was just about to come I stopped and walked over to the desk, bending over to give him an enticing view of my pert round derriere. He didn’t waste any time and took me from behind with deep thrusts until we both came. Afterwards we lay together looking out over the city… this Italian stallion would definitely miss his Sydney companion 😉
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