The Unwritten Rules of Hiring Escort Girls in Sydney

Posted on Dec 18, 2019

escort girls in Sydney

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure and want some female company, or are simply keen on trying something new, hiring escort girls in Sydney is a great option to consider. Professional escorts are just like any other career person – they are good at what they do, and expect to be treated like the professionals that they are.

So, if you want someone to accompany you to a party, or are longing to spend a few hours of intimacy with an attractive woman, there are a number of escort girls for you in Sydney, all of whom are ideal partners for the day (and night).

However, in order to have a great time, you need to be familiar with the unspoken rules that come with hiring escort girls in Sydney. After all, nobody wants to behave badly in this kind of situation. To ease the tension and facilitate a seamless experience with your chosen escort, make sure to keep the following rules in mind:

1. Hire an escort only when you are 100% ready

Hiring an escort can be a little daunting. Sure, it’s not something people do every day, but it isn’t something you need to be ashamed of either. However, if you force yourself to be with an escort even when you are not ready, you’re setting yourself up (and your escort) for an unsatisfying, tension-ridden, awkward encounter. So, to best enjoy what an escort service can offer, take time to prepare yourself. Reflect upon why you want one, and what sort of experience you want to have.

2. Ascertain all details prior to finalising your booking

Make sure that everything is clear from the outset. Ensure you have the rate or fee settled, and that you have booked the escort girl you want to be with. If you have specific instructions or expectations, be sure to spell them out before making a booking. This way, you’ll know right away (and your escort will too) what’s included in the booking. This will eliminate any awkward conversations further down the line.

3. Be clean and presentable

Just like with any date with any woman, make it a point to be clean and presentable for your appointment with your escort. Make an effort to look well turned out and attractive. Take a shower, shave, clean up, wear your best suit or appropriate clothing, and be your best when you meet your escort girl. And don’t worry, she’ll do the same. As a professional escort girl, she wouldn’t want to disappoint you or any client of hers, so be prepared to compliment her, too.

4. Don’t haggle

When you make the escort service booking, everything, including the schedule, as well as the venue and payment, have already been settled. So please, when you meet with your escort, don’t bring up the topic of payment and start haggling. This is bad form, and it may leave your escort feeling insulted. The last thing you want is female company that you’ve alienated with your unprofessional behaviour.

5. Drink moderately

If it has been arranged for you to meet at, or go to a bar for your appointment, make sure you drink moderately. Getting drunk is not the best way to start warming up and lose your inhibitions. Instead, it will make you clumsy and uncoordinated. Know that you can enjoy attractive female companionship better when you are sober and in control.

6. Avoid asking personal questions

There are certainly no rules against you sharing personal information with your escort service. However, professional escort girls in Sydney prefer to keep their private lives to themselves. So, be respectful and sensitive to the cues she’s giving you. If the conversation seems interesting for her and she’s responding positively, try to keep it flowing casually and naturally. This is not to say your escort won’t make any effort to initiate conversation; she will. However, talk about things that are mutually comfortable or easy to handle.

7. Practice safe sex

If sexual intimacy is part of the arrangement, make sure you practice safe sex. Also, there’s no need to dive right into it the moment you meet. In fact, it’s considered rude to initiate sex right away. Treat her the way you would a regular date, and she’ll be more receptive and also exert more effort to please you in return. Avoid using profanity or vulgar words even if you think they’re supposed to be sexy.

8. Be respectful

Practising courtesy means being punctual (don’t worry, she’ll be on time, too). Treat her the way you would any girl introduced to you by a friend as your blind date. Be natural and spontaneous but not overly familiar. If you booked an escort service for yourself (as you should), don’t bring a friend along as this can lead to an awkward encounter, and may be in violation of the agreement you have outlined together. You know she’s there to fulfill your fantasy, and she can be counted on to do her utmost to make this happen for you. However, always be considerate and receptive to her own feelings. And don’t worry, she won’t miss any of these efforts or let them go unnoticed, so she’ll make sure you two will have the best time together.

Book your escort service with confidence

Getting an escort service may not be an everyday thing for you to do. However, it helps to know about the unspoken rules that govern these types of encounters. This way, there will be a lot less of the awkwardness, and more of the fun and satisfaction every time you book the services of escort girls in Sydney.
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