10 Things You Should Not Ask Private Escorts in Sydney

Posted on Aug 19, 2019

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When meeting a new private escort in Sydney, you’d probably be curious. Well, it’s completely normal. After all, you are meeting a complete stranger. However, no matter how curious you get, it is worth noting that the job of a private escort is not typical. Thus, you have to be extra careful about the things you ask. 

We understand that you just want to get to know your private escort better. But as much as possible, you should avoid asking these questions:

1. Do you have a boyfriend?

This question is quite personal. While some private escorts may choose to share the answer with you, others prefer to keep it private. So, avoid asking your escort about her relationship status, unless she decides to bring up the subject first.

2. Is your family aware of what you’re doing?

Here is another inappropriate question. What an escort does is her business. She isn’t there to talk about her family with you.

3. How many clients do you deal within a day?

This is definitely a question you dare not ask. Just be thankful that your escort arrived and found time to see you.

4. What is your name?

Surprisingly, this question is frequently asked to escorts. But in truth, it’s one that should be avoided. If you are familiar with the industry of private escorts in Sydney, they don’t really go by their real name. They use pseudonyms and operate under different names to hide and protect their identities.

5. Will you go out with me on a date?

Some clients enjoy themselves so much that they forget the fact that there is a line that separates pleasure and business. It is important that all clients understand, appreciate, and respect that line.

6. Will you send me a selfie?

In this social media era, photos are everywhere. So, it’s odd for a client to ask an escort to send a selfie. If you want to make a lasting impression, explore the photos of the escort on the website. Better yet, check social media platforms.

7. Can I be your only client for the day?

This might sound like an innocent request. But this question can often turn off an escort as it seems to come from a person who cannot handle the thought of the escort being intimate with another client before or after them.

8. What is your rate?

If you have checked the profile of the escort on the website, you should see that her rate is clearly listed on it. So, make sure you know that. Take the time to check your preferred escort’s profile before contacting her. She will appreciate it.

9. Do I need to take a shower?

Even if you have already taken a shower prior to your meeting, don’t be offended if your escort asks you to take a shower. It’s only a simple request. It’s also a policy that clients must take a shower before the service begins.

10. Can I ask for a discount?

One of the most disrespectful questions you can ask an escort is for a discount. Not only will it turn her off, but it will also potentially cause you to be blacklisted. The rates of an escort are not negotiable. Hence, make sure that you contact an escort that is within your price range.

The next time you meet a private escort in Sydney, be sure that you treat her with respect and decency. Be considerate and avoid asking any of these awkward questions.

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