Tips for Getting Out of a Relationship Rut

Posted on Jan 28, 2017

Every relationship goes through the occasional rough patch. Whether the sex has gotten boring or you can’t stop bickering, nearly all couples feel frustrated with each other sometimes. If your love life has gone a little stale, who better to ask for advice than an escort? We help people escape the boredom of their relationship ruts all the time.
These suggestions might not be for everyone. If you’re determined to rediscover the passion you once had for your partner, try to keep an open mind.

Make Time for Each Other

This might sound like an obvious suggestion, but simply paying more attention to your partner can cure a relationship rut. Try to schedule regular date nights, or leave work a little earlier so you can spend more time with your partner in the evening. Too busy during the week? Make up for it on Saturday or Sunday by spending the whole day together.

Open Up Your Relationship

Monogamy is kind of overrated, don’t you think? If you love the idea of sleeping with other people but don’t want to leave your partner, an open relationship can give you the best of both worlds. Keep in mind that this kind of arrangement isn’t for everyone. The mere suggestion of an open relationship might offend your significant other so much that they break up with you on the spot. But you never know, they might be into the idea.
Open relationships can be tricky to navigate, but if there’s a chance it will get you out of a relationship rut, it’s worth a try.

Couple’s Therapy

People stay in unhappy relationships for years out of fear of hurting their partner. Rather than allowing resentment to build up over time, talking about your relationship rut with a therapist is a great way to everything out in the open.
The best thing about couple’s therapy is that it allows for clearer communication. With the help of your therapist, you’ll be able to find ways to get out of your relationship rut without every conversation turning into a fight.

Spice Things Up in the Bedroompetite and toned female escort in stockings

Sex is an essential part of every relationship. Before you give up on your relationship, try these tips to spice things up a little:
• Have sex anywhere but the bedroom. Whether you do it outdoors, on the floor or in your car, you’ll be amazed at how exciting having sex in a different place can be.
• Invest in some sex toys. Pay a visit to your local adult shop and stock up on some kinky toys and props that you and your partner can both enjoy playing with.
• Try a new position every week. The missionary position is great and all, but it can get a little boring after a while. Experimenting with new positions is one of the easiest ways to spice up your sex life.
Or, of course, you could add an extra person – many of our lovely ladies enjoy spending time with couples. Contact us today to make a booking.
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