Tips for your First Time Lesbian Experience

Posted on Mar 28, 2015

two sexy lesbiansEven if you’ve never heard of the Kinsey Scale (0 = exclusively heterosexual and 6 = exclusively homosexual), which affirms that things aren’t black and white when it comes to human sexuality, if you’re reading this blog, chances are that you are a healthy woman with a healthy curiosity.

Maybe you’ve fantasied about being with a buxom babe ever since you were a young teenager. Maybe a particular female in your life has recently stirred some previously dormant feelings within you. Whatever the case, if you’re on the edge of your first girl-on-girl experience with an escort, then you’re probably feeling excited and nervous.

Thanks to our sexy, sensitive Sydney escorts, we have put together the tips that will take your lesbian rendezvous from downright scary to scarily amazing. Enjoy!

Be Prepared

No matter who your partner is, they are going to really appreciate your efforts when it comes to preparation. This means making a trip to the beautician to make sure things are nice and neat down below or making the time to do some DIY trimming. Women are notorious for noticing the fashion choices of other females, so wear some super sexy lingerie and get yourself some bonus points. Of course, by doing all of the above, you’ll end up feeling sexy and confident too, which is extremely important. Everyone benefits!

Be Open-minded

Now that you’re physically ready to go, it’s time to prepare yourself mentally. Understand that lesbian sex takes all forms and is inherently different to sex between a man and woman. You may have been enjoying watching lesbian porn for years, but that doesn’t mean you’re an expert. Aim to have mind-blowing, earth-shaking sex but don’t expect it for your first-time experience.


Once you’re in the room, bed or arms of your stunning escort, it is natural to feel extremely nervous. Don’t be ashamed of this. Instead, let that nervous energy transform into enthusiastic passion. A great way to get things started and banish your nerves is to ask for a sensual body massage, which will allow you to get used to your escort’s touch and force you to slow your breathing down.


Another great way to relax is to tell your escort that you’re nervous. Be honest with her and she will reassure you as best she can.

Communicating with your sexual partner should also involve discussing likes and dislikes. You may know your own body, but you can’t assume that your escort will like the same things, just because she is a woman too. Some women prefer clitoral stimulation while others love to be penetrated. Some women need a gentle touch while others like it rough.

Don’t be afraid to tell your escort if you have changed your mind or if something doesn’t quite feel right, either. As it is your first time with a woman, it’s all about experimentation.

Slow Down

The most vital piece of advice we can give you is to slow things down! Sex with a woman is generally more intimate, with plenty of kissing, touching and passion. Don’t rush through the experience.

After your massage, slowly undress your escort and let her undress you. Kiss her neck, gently fondle her breasts, and lightly touch her inner thigh. Take note of how soft her skin and lips feel and how her touch makes you feel. These are all the little details you’ll remember for years to come!

Want to make your lesbian fantasy a reality? Our Escort Gallery is full of gorgeous, experienced women who would love to be your first. Once you’ve picked the escort for you, call or email us and we will do the rest!
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