Tips on How to Spend Quality Time with an Outcall Escort

Posted on Oct 12, 2020

Sydney Outcall Escorts

If you plan on booking one of  Sydney outcall escorts, then you should know that time is everything. The time you both spend doing one thing is time you do not spend doing something else. That’s why you really have to be mindful of what you do together: make sure that every second count with her. How might you be able to do that? Here are some helpful tips on how to spend quality time with an outcall escort:  

Quality and Quantity

It may seem paradoxical, but when you are booking an escort, quality and quantity go togetherThe ideal booking is between four to six hours – that’s dinner, a little bit of after-dinner fun, and then the grand finale (of course you know what that means.) That should be enough time to get comfortable with each other, especially if it’s your first time together. If you want to take things to the higher level, that comfortability really needs to be established, so make sure you don’t skip it.   

However, if you are making repeat bookings, you might just be able to go for a whole day – that’s if you like each other enough to spend time together that long! Many outcall escorts in Sydney will agree to 24-hour bookings if it’s with someone they already know and trust. Usually, whole day bookings are reserved for weekend getaways or even major parties, as in the case of social escorts.  

To even have enough time to call ‘quality’, you should go for spending time. Add in another hour or two to that booking! 

Be a gentleman: plan ahead  

No time will be wasted if you just plan ahead. Make sure you have got a restaurant or hotel reservations taken care of. Or if you want to do something out of the ordinary, like if taking her to a concert or an art gallery is more your thing, confirm everything from transportation to tickets to drinks or refreshments, if applicable. She will want to know what you two would be up to as well so we won’t go in blind, so make sure you fill her in on those details.  

In the world of escorting, know that many men before you have faltered and fallen because of poor planning. Of course, an escort would be charming enough to make the most of whatever situation, but really, it would be your poor planning skills that would chew time off of your booking. Get things in order and you will not have to worry about anything during your date. 

Get to know your Escort Girl

Do not, under any circumstances, jump right into it the moment she arrives at the rendezvous. This is extremely frowned upon and disrespectful: would you do that on your other dates? You wouldn’t, would you? Jumping right into action shows you underestimate what she does and have failed to develop a proper appreciation for her.  

Sydney outcall escorts to know a good client when they see one. A good client spends quality time… by taking the time. Relax and have a conversation. Figure out what you two have in common and dwell on that for a while. Laugh and flirt – flirt a lot. Enjoy and savour that slow but sure build-up of sexual and romantic tension, so that when the time comes, pun intended, it will be as glorious as you two anticipated it to be.  

No matter what society has to say about the industry you would be dipping your toes in, this whole thing is really founded on empathy and connection. That strong human-to-human connection is the main ingredient of great sex — as opposed to the mechanical, bland experience you get when you don’t actually know the other person on a comfortable level. So really open up and let her know you. That’s what quality time is all about. 

Keep up in bed  

Ah, now here’s the fun part about quality time: sexy time. But even sexy time per se is not automatically quality time. Within the parameters of sex, from foreplay to the finish line, you should be mindful of making every second count.  

First of all, try and last long. And no, you did not hear that first on this blog. You already know that, and you also know that it wouldn’t hurt to be reminded again. But lasting long is not just about you and your pleasure; it’s also about her. As a gentleman and a star client, you want to make sure she is having a great time with you as well. Women take much longer to finish during sex, so you have to match her pace as much as possible.  

 Time to Be Creative

Another helpful tip would be to try something new in bed. You would already have a sexpert sharing your bed, why resort to your usual routine, right? Try and explore something unique: a little bit of BDSM? Some roleplay? Using interesting sex toys? Really get creative with it. Just make sure that you arrange this with her beforehand and confirm that she is down for it too.  

Finally, just give it your absolute best shot. Prepare for it: hit the gym, watch tutorials, do whatever you need to push your performance a mile higher for her. Not only will it make her happy, but you’ll also have the chance to give yourself a good pat on the back. 

Plan your Next Outcall visit together

Sydney outcall escorts love it when you’re nearing the end of your booking and yet you are already thinking about the next time you want to see her. Reserve some cool downtime to talk about your experience and open up the possibility of a repeat booking. By then, you two will have a good understanding of each other’s preferences and desires, so on the repeat booking, expect even better sex!  

How should you spend your time right now? By calling to make a booking, of course 

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