Top 6 Weird & Wonderful Sexual Fetishes

Posted on Jun 25, 2014

female in fetish fantasy outfitWe’re an open-minded bunch here at Select Sydney Escorts. While most people are into fairly ‘vanilla’ sex, we get plenty of clients who prefer something a little kinkier – and there’s nothing wrong with that! Whether it’s S&M, threesomes, sex toys or fantasy play, our gorgeous Sydney escorts are up for almost anything – as long as it’s safe and respectful of course.

During our many years in this business, we have come across a few more unusual fetishes.
These are six of our favourites:

1. Fornophilia

This is a type of bondage where a human is used as a piece of furniture. We have had submissive clients who want to be used as a human chair for our girls to sit on while they file their nails or watch TV… This arouses the fornophiliac client more than any strip show or blowjob ever could! Other men prefer to be dominant, asking their chosen lady to get on hands and knees to become a ‘table’. We even had one client book three of our girls to become a human bookshelf! IKEAphilia, anyone?

2. Plushophilia

This fetish involves being sexually attracted to stuffed animals or people dressed in animal costume. We have had clients turn up to bookings with a suitcase full of teddy bears that they like to be stroked with… some men also enjoy masturbating with small stuffed animals or ask our Sydney escorts to dress up in animal costume. We reckon as long as you’re not hurting anyone, it’s all good!

3. Dendrophilia

This is one for people who really, really like trees. One of our clients always requested to meet his chosen Sydney escort in a secluded corner of Centennial Park – she soon realised that he couldn’t get aroused unless he was surrounded by trees! Some people also fill their home with house plants as a way to bring the trees inside. We think dendrophilia is a great way to embrace your inner hippy!

4. Frotteurism

This involves rubbing against a non-consenting person for sexual gratification. Frotteurism is an interesting (and slightly pervy) fetish but we don’t get too many of these types at Select Sydney Escorts – probably because they can get their rocks off on the bus or train on the way to meet a high class escort. No booking necessary!

5. Inflatophilia

This fetish can vary a lot. Some inflatophiles are attracted to inflatable animals and toys, while others derive sexual pleasure from wearing inflatable suits. The most unusual inflatophile we ever had was a man who liked to masturbate while watching his Sydney escort blow up one balloon after another!

6. Psychrophilia

For psychrophiliacs, sexual arousal depends on contact with extremely cold objects. Our Sydney escorts have a lot of fun with this fetish. Who wouldn’t enjoy getting naked and lying back while a stunning woman rubs ice cubes over their chest?
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