Top 7 Foods for Better Sex

Posted on Oct 8, 2016

healthy buxom blonde We’ve all heard of aphrodisiacs like oysters, champagne and chocolate. While it’s true these delicacies can help get you in the mood for sex, if you want to take your lovemaking to the next level, it’s important to fuel your body with all the right ingredients every single day.

Our shopping list below is packed full of nutrients to boost your sex drive, stamina, erectile function, testosterone levels and sperm quality. So get cooking and prepare to dazzle your partner or favourite Sydney escort with your sensational sexual skills!


This popular aphrodisiac has been used as a fertility booster since ancient times. Figs are packed with fibre, which supports good cardiovascular health and also nourishes the digestive system to help you stay trim and fit. The next time you make an adult services booking, why not prepare some figs wrapped in prosciutto to enjoy as an appetizer with your beautiful escort? Delicious AND seductive!


The ancient Aztecs referred to avocados as testicles because of their shape! As well as looking the part, the humble avo is rich in unsaturated fats, supporting good heart health. A strong healthy heart keeps blood flowing to all the right places – such as your erection 😉


Ditch the toast and do yourself a favour with a healthy egg breakfast. Not only will these protein powerhouses give you oodles of energy, they are also rich in vitamins B5 and B6 which help to balance your hormones. Eggs will help you rock from work to the gym to an outcall with one of the hottest escorts in Sydney with energy to burn!


Rated by our stunning Sydney escorts as the best snack for sexual health, almonds are very high in zinc which increases libido and promotes healthy sperm. This nutritional powerhouse also contains other important trace minerals such as selenium and vitamin E.


Not only do they have an erotic shape, bananas are also very dense in nutrients to support sexual stamina. Rich in potassium B vitamins like riboflavin, this phallic little fruit can help to boost your testosterone production and transform you into a sex god.


Rocket, spinach, broccoli and other dark leafy greens are absolutely essential to a healthy diet. Packed full of trace minerals and antioxidants, these leafy wonders will protect your libido by blocking absorption of a host of environmental contaminants. All the best escorts in Sydney eat salad daily – now you know why 😉


It’s proven that men find women sexier if they’re wearing red, compared to cooler colours like blue or green. Jump on the bandwagon and enjoy some sexy red strawberries dripped in chocolate at your next Sydney outcall service. This seductive fruit is also high in folic acid, a B Vitamin which leads to higher sperm counts.
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