Top Secret Erogenous Zones

Posted on May 15, 2015

blonde female showing erogenous zonesBy Arabella Fox

Many of my clients and lovers over the years have focused all their erotic attentions on two areas of my body… below the belt and of course my breasts! To me this seems like such a shame because there are so many other ways to get turned on. Why jump straight to the main course when you could enjoy a few delicious appetizers first?

The male and female body each has a number of erogenous zones, rich in nerve endings and guaranteed to get the party started! Here are some of my faves:

1. Back of the Knees

Now you might not consider the knees to be particularly erotic – however it’s precisely because this area is so overlooked that it’s such a turn on. The back of the knees rarely receives any sort of touch, so a little light stroking can feel incredibly intimate and will leave your lady begging for more 😉

2. Neck

The neck is a true erogenous zone that almost 100% of women agree turns them on. Start by giving her a light neck massage (this will win you serious brownie points!) before gently kissing the sides and nape of her neck.

3. Ears

The occasional heavy breath into her ear, when done properly, can be a huge turn on during either foreplay or sex. It feels very intimate and is a great way to express your desire for her. Take things further by talking dirty or even nibbling her ear lobe!

4. Feet

This is my personal favourite! Whether or not you’re a foot fetishist, there is no doubt that with 7000 nerve endings the feet have huge erotic potential. Get your lady in the mood with a relaxing foot massage, or ask her to press on the soles of your feet during sex… the extra stimulation will give you an orgasm to remember.

5. Inner Thighs

If you want to tease your sexy Sydney escort at your next booking, the inner thighs are a great place to start. Use gentle, light strokes to circle her knees and ever so slowly work your way up her legs… she will be writhing with desire in no time! Licking, kissing and nibbling the soft inner thighs is another great option here.

6. Perineum

One for the gentlemen! The perineum is the highly sensitive area between the scrotum and anus. Ask your partner or Sydney escort to apply light pressure here when you are just about to come… we guarantee it will send your orgasms through the roof 😉

7. Mouth and Lips

Most foreplay starts with kissing, and for good reason! The lips are highly sensitive and respond to temperature and pressure, while the tongue is incredibly rich in nerve endings, making this an essential erogenous zone for men and women. Kissing also triggers a release of the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin to make you feel connected to your partner. So pucker up buttercup!
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