Unusual Acronyms for Extraordinary Experiences

Posted on Jan 26, 2015

tall slender brunette Unless you’re really into surprises, it’s a good idea to figure out what some of the acronyms and abbreviations used in escort descriptions and advertisements are all about before you book a date with one of our lovely Sydney escorts. To help make your research easier, here are some of the common acronyms and abbreviations you might come across on escort websites, advertisements or on review sites.

Feel free to contact us  if you’re still not sure about any of the acronyms you’ve come across or that have been recommended to you. We’re always happy to chat with our wonderful clients.


There’s nothing sexy about this acronym. ASP stands for Adult Service Provider and is generally used in reference to an escort agency. The advertisement might use the acronym to show that that the escort is affiliated with, managed by or booked through an ASP.


If you’re into leather, bondage, sexual power plays or anything really kinky, your eyes will light up when you come across BDSM in any advertisement. It indicates that the escort is skilled in bondage, discipline, sadomasochism or masochism.


You might come across this acronym on an escort review site. It stands for bait and switch, and is used to indicate that the online profile images of the escort are quite different from what’s presented in real life. Also keep an eye out for NGP – not genuine photos.


No prizes for guessing this one. BJ stands for blowjob. Escorts most often advertise CBJ or covered blowjobs (where a condom must be worn). You might also come across BBBJ or bareback blowjob, where the escort is happy to provide oral stimulation without the use of a condom.


BBW stands for big, beautiful women. These are the big girls that have a lot to love. If you’re just after girls with big breasts, look out for BBK – big beautiful knockers.


Natural blondes advertise using the acronym CMD. It stands for “carpet matches drapes”.


Some escorts are very strict about what they offer and can’t or won’t be persuaded to try anything off the menu. These escorts advertise that they don’t do extras (DDE).

F2F, F2M, M2F and M2M

These acronyms help you determine which escort is right for your sexual preference. The options are female escort with female client (F2F), female escort with male client (F2M), male escort with female client (M2F), and male escort with male client (M2M).


FBSM stands for full body sensual massage. This acronym indicates that a topless or nude woman will provide you with a relaxing massage all over. FBSM+ indicates that there’s more on offer than just a massage.


Indicates a freelance escort – a girl that doesn’t work for an agency.


FS stands for full service, and indicates that full sexual intercourse is on offer. You may also come across BBFS or CFS, which clarify whether the sex can be had bareback (without a condom) or covered (with a condom).


Many escorts will provide the girlfriend experience (GFE). These girls will provide elements of a relationship that go beyond the purely sexual.


If you like to vary your sexual activity, you should look for a girl who advertises her skills in multiple positions (MP).


OVN indicates that the escort is open to staying overnight with a client.


Some escorts offer very short, concise appointments. They’ll advertise using the

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