We Bust Popular Sex Myths

Posted on Jun 14, 2016

Separating fact from fiction can be tricky when it comes to sex. Even if you consider yourself something of a sexpert, you might not be as well informed as you think. As one of the best escort agencies in Sydney, we know a thing or two about sex. These are some of the most widespread sex myths that need busting.

Guys Don’t Fake Orgasms

For some reason it’s typically females who get accused of faking it, but guys do this too! Not being able to climax can be a bit awkward regardless of your gender and it’s natural to not want to offend your partner. Whether it’s because he’s tired or just can’t get there, men fake orgasms for pretty much the same reasons as women.
This particular myth not only perpetuates false expectations; it also implies that a guy hasn’t enjoyed himself unless he comes during sex, which is absolutely not true. Sex can still be enjoyable even if it doesn’t end in an orgasm.

Women Don’t Watch Porn

Even if they’re not always willing to admit it, plenty of women watch porn. Where do you think they learn all their sexy skills? Whether it’s for educational purposes or simply because they enjoy it, women all over the world love X-rated movies and despite being widely regarded as a ‘guy thing,’ females now make up a significant portion of the porn audience.
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Size Matters

In spite of popular belief, size does not equal satisfaction. No matter how big a guy’s penis, it only counts as an advantage if he actually knows how to use it. Trust us, a man with a smaller appendage who actually has some sex skills is far more desirable than a well-endowed guy with no real expertise.
The idea that size matters is so ingrained in our sexual psyche that busting this myth may take some time. The fact is, performance in the bedroom is much more heavily influenced by attitude and experience, rather than any physical attribute. Don’t get us wrong, big penises can be great and all, but they shouldn’t be the deciding factor in a man’s sexual abilities.

Sex is Better When You’re Youngbusty blonde in red silk

Like a fine wine, sex actually gets better with age. It’s not necessarily bad when you’re young – in fact, it can be pretty fantastic – but maturity and experience make it even more enjoyable. The notion that sex amongst young people involves more athleticism and energy simply isn’t true; just because someone is youthful, doesn’t automatically mean they’re great in the bedroom. The confidence that comes with age allows for more rewarding sex, and you’re more likely to know how to please yourself and your partner.
Whether you’ve picked up some misinformation from unrealistic porn, outdated sex education or misguided parental advice, we get that it can be hard not to fall for all the sketchy information out there, but we hope you’ve learnt something from this post.
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