What Science Says About Sex Appeal

Posted on Oct 17, 2015

While you may not often associate science with sexiness, our biology really does play a large role in determining what we find attractive in other people. Our gorgeous Sydney escorts know exactly how to ramp up the sex appeal, that’s for sure. With a few key tricks in your back pocket, you can do the same! Here’s a look at some of the things science has revealed about why certain people can turn us on so easily.

The Nose Knows

Can you tell whether someone is your perfect sexual match just from catching a whiff of them as they walk by? Well, probably not, but science says that a person’s scent is a crucial element that contributes to their attractiveness. And we all know that already, right? Why else would we all be spending so much money and effort on making ourselves smell nice? What you might not realise is that your most powerful nostril-charming ally isn’t a sprinkling of cologne or spray of perfume. No, it’s your natural pheromones that are most skilled at sparking an attraction. And this kind of makes sense – after all, our bodies have had many, many years to work out how to increase the odds of getting laid mating successfully. In many cases, the aroma leading your nose towards a sexual partner is a scent that you’re not even recognising on a conscious level!

A Seductive Smile

Everyone agrees the mouth is a vital part of sex. Whether you’re locking lips during the main event or orally exploring each other during foreplay, there’s no doubt this body part has a starring role in the bedroom (or whichever room you’re getting busy in). What you may not realise is how important your mouth is in the stages leading up to a steamy encounter.

Teeth in particular are one of the features most commonly regarded as a signpost of overall attractiveness. This is because we are biologically programmed to judge the quality of someone’s health and genetics based on their pearly whites. Is it superficial? Nope – it’s just our evolutionary instincts. Letting those teeth sparkle in plain view isn’t just great for showing them off though. Happiness is a very attractive quality and definitely something that can boost your sex appeal. A big, genuine smile is sure to help you make a strong first impression when approaching a potential partner.

Sensual Soundsstunning asian escort in red lingerie

Your mouth isn’t there just to look good! You can also enhance your sex appeal using the pitch of your voice. Modulating your tone and pitch can subconsciously tell the person you’re talking to that you are an interesting individual. Statistically, men find women with higher-pitched voices most attractive, while a deeper voice is sexier in a man. However, if you’re going to fake, you’ll need to be subtle if you want to make it. Don’t try ridiculously hard to alter your natural tone because you will get caught out quickly, and you will look ridiculous.

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