What Skills Does a High Class Escort Need?

Posted on Aug 2, 2014

This is a difficult question to answer because unlike other professions, there is not really a specific skill set for high class escorts. Every Select girl has a beautiful face, an amazing body, and a friendly personality. Instead of having special ‘skills’ like doing crazy things with a pingpong ball, our ladies have perfected the art of being a woman, and that’s what makes them the best escorts in Sydney. Our gorgeous girls are feminine, easygoing, charming, sexy and most importantly, they are eager to please you!

All of our Sydney escorts are experts in the following skills:

The Art of Conversationfemale flirting with a man in a bar

There is nothing worse than going on a date with a woman who looks blankly into the distance, picks at her nails or fiddles with her phones the whole time. You will never get this disappointing experience at Select Sydney Escorts. Our ladies are excellent conversationalists who will engage with you 100 percent of the time, listen to what you have to say, make you laugh and help you get in the mood for loving! Being ‘in the moment’ is definitely a skill that can be developed over time, and it’s something that our girls pride themselves on. If you’re looking for a Sydney escort who really pays attention to you and makes you feel like the only man in the world (and that’s before you even get into the bedroom!!), you have come to the right place.

blonde female flirting The Art of Seduction

Have you ever spent time with a woman who makes you burn with desire and think dirty thoughts before she has even touched you? This is the art of seduction and it’s one of the greatest tools a high class escort can have. Our Sydney escorts know how to turn you on using eye contact, body language, gently caresses, and flirtation. The eyes are powerful weapons for a seductress, so your chosen lady might do a slow, sizzling strip show for you… Feel yourself become aroused as you gaze at her full breasts, curves and creamy skin wrapped in black lace. By the time you actually penetrate her, we guarantee you will be ready to explode!

The Art of Sex

Being a good lover is more about state of mind than having any specific skills. We find that the best high class escorts are sexually confident, experienced and adaptable.

This ensures that no matter what your desires are, she can satisfy you with unforgettable pleasure. The beauty of seeing a Sydney escort is that there are no obligations or expectations – whether you want to have pornstar sex or just cuddle and talk, your lady’s sole purpose is to please you. Of course, some of our Sydney escorts specialise in skills such as pleasuring couples, giving incredible oral sex, or fantasy play… so whatever you are looking for, we guarantee you will be able to find it at Select Sydney Escorts.




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