What to do When You Fall in Love with Your Escort

Posted on Jan 29, 2018

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Think you might be falling for an escort? Remember that blurring the line between business and pleasure can be a recipe for disaster. Few professions are as intimate as escorting, and it’s not hard to see why romantic feelings are an occupational hazard for sex workers. While there’s nothing wrong with liking your female companion as a person and enjoying their company, when it comes to serious emotional attachments, escorts are off limits.

Trying to navigate a relationship that involves one person paying the other for sex and companionship can be complicated. If you’re starting to catch a case of the feels for your escort, we can tell you how to get a grip.

Don’t Be Blinded by Lust

Anyone planning to indulge their sexual desires with an escort needs to know the difference between love and lust. While it’s perfectly normal to feel in awe of a beautiful, smart and sexually uninhibited woman, don’t let that first rush of physical attraction go to your head. Allowing your sex drive to cloud your logic is never a good idea, and you could end up ruining a beautiful working relationship. Ask yourself, are you really falling in love, or is it just lust?

Love is a deep feeling of affection for another person, based on mutual respect and shared values. On the other hand, lust is motivated almost entirely by physical attraction. No one is immune to getting them confused, especially in the passionate throes of a new relationship (whether it’s paid for or free). Rather than getting caught up in the moment, don’t let your libido dictate your life choices.

Take a Breather

They say time heals all wounds, and taking a moment to reign in your emotions is one of the best ways to avoid getting overly attached to an escort. We’re not saying you have to swear off all escorts forever! But after a few weeks away from your favourite lady, you may start to feel a little less love-struck.

Taking a break will give your sex-drunk brain a chance to cool off, allowing you to see things with more clarity. You could even try going out with a different escort for a while. Variety is the spice of life, and having fun with another sexy minx could be the perfect cure to your love sickness.

Remember the Reality of Escorting

While you’re having the time of your life with an escort, it’s all too easy to forget there’s money involved. Even if your escort makes you feel like the most important man (or woman) in the world, all that means is they’re good at their job! The best high-class escorts (like the girls at Select Sydney) earn a living out of showering their clients with sexual favours and affection. They get paid to make you feel wanted, important and desired. This is what makes an escort so alluring – unlike real-life relationships that involve a lot more give and take, seeing an escort means you get to be the star of the show.

Whether you’re craving passionate kisses, good conversation or hardcore kinky sex, the whole point of going out with an escort is to have your needs met by a professional seductress. If your escort is good at what they do, they’ll strive to satisfy all your cravings (within reason of course). Just don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’re their favourite client, or that you mean anything more to them than a fun night out and a nice pay check (even if you are their favourite client, that doesn’t mean you can go ahead and fall in love with them).

Love Hurts

For their own protection, many escorts keep an eye out for red flags that could indicate a worrying amount of romantic attachment. It’s not uncommon for women in this profession to cease all contact with a client at the first sign of too much emotional involvement. No matter how much they enjoy spending time with you, escorts need to be vigilant about safety – they won’t hesitate to cut you off if you start making things uncomfortable.

Getting too close to an escort can lead to all kinds of awkwardness (and potential heartache). If you want to keep seeing your favourite escort, learn how to keep your distance. You can still be friendly and make an effort to impress your escort, but there’s a fine line between being romantic and being way too intense.

For example, don’t message your escort 50 times a days, don’t send them gifts they have no interest in accepting, and don’t try to dig up info about their private lives.

What if the Feeling’s Mutual?

There are cases of escorts and their clients ending up in happy relationships – but it’s extremely rare. Not to be cynical, but life is not a romantic comedy, and the fantasy of sweeping an escort off her feet and into a life of loved-up monogamy is unlikely to ever come true in the real world.

Escorts tend to avoid getting romantically involved with their clients for several reasons. Firstly, it’s a little risky to let a client into their private lives, and secondly, it’s hard to be sure that the client isn’t just trying to get a freebie. Many escorts are already in relationships, even if they don’t choose to disclose this.

While there’s plenty of great sex and companionship to be found on the escorting scene, it’s not the best place to go looking for true love. But until you find “the one”, why not make the most of your freedom? Contact Select Sydney Escorts to enjoy the thrill of no-strings-attached sex today.














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