What Your Favourite Position Says About You

Posted on Aug 3, 2015
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Are you a mainstream missionary man or a devoted doggy-style dude? While you can argue that your favourite position says nothing more than how you best achieve climax, there are some who believe your preferences can give some insight into your personality. If your favourite position is listed, take a look and see if there’s any truth to it!


Loving the classic missionary position can mean a few different things. It is the view of sex typically pushed in (non-pornographic) media, and it is seen as a very traditional position. You may love it for the depth you get and the view of your lady, but there could also be some insecurity behind the man on a mission. You may feel uncomfortable relinquishing control to the woman or simply feel unsure how to broach the idea of changing things up. While there’s no problem with this position (it can be quite intimate and satisfying for both parties), don’t be afraid to mix it up occasionally.


Show us a guy who doesn’t love doggy style and we’ll show you a liar. Of course, he might exist somewhere, but it’s fair to say he is probably in the minority. If you are someone who is a massive fan of bending your partner over, you could possibly be a bit unromantic or have some fears of intimacy (don’t shoot the messenger!). Let’s be honest, you probably aren’t standing behind her for the romance. Try changing it up occasionally into a position that allows more body or eye contact, and maybe save doggy for the big finale.

Female on Top

Many guys love lying back and letting the girl take charge. If you are one of them, you may be a bit lazy, or you could be confident enough to let her take the lead and do it her way, depending on how you want to look at it. Be honest with yourself. Is it the effort you don’t like? Consider that you (and your partner) might get more out of other positions. If you love the idea of a woman taking charge and setting the pace, take advantage of the many variations of the woman being on top, or engage in fast swaps for some serious power-play fun.


Sex standing up takes the mind to fast-paced, intense, passionate love-making. It’s the kind that makes you think of slamming her against the wall and lifting her up. You might think of kitchens, showers, laundries – pretty much anywhere that is not a bed. The man who prefers to have sex standing up is likely to be adventurous and out for a bit of a thrill. Sex outside the bedroom is often considered to have a higher risk of getting caught, making that blood pump. Keep things fresh by trying a new room or even a covered outdoor area. Just take some precautions to make sure the whole neighbourhood isn’t enjoying the show!


Spooning is perfect for lazy Sunday afternoons where both of you are in the mood for something a little slower and a little more intimate. The man who likes sex in the spoon position is often quite sensitive and eager to please their lover. The full-body contact combined with heads close together makes for a romantic experience that is easier to maintain for longer periods. When things heat up though, it’s a great position to be in. You can use your hands to full effect, reaching sensitive spots while the sex intensifies.
Of course, you may love a position simply because it makes you feel good – and that’s fine too! Are you feeling inspired to try out something new with one of our gorgeous Sydney escorts? Even if you are happy to stick to your tried and true moves, check out our gallery of amazing, classy women and contact us to book your hot experience today!

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