What’s a Girlfriend Experience Like?

Posted on Sep 2, 2019

gfe escort

Probably one of our most popular offerings, the Girlfriend Experience (GFE) mimics encounters between lovers. It can be cute, sweet, romantic, sensual, and passionate.

In this type of service, the girlfriend experience escort would hug, kiss, massage, cuddle, perform extended foreplay, and get intimate with you the way a ‘regular’ girlfriend would.

With our extensive gallery of beauties, it won’t be hard for you to picture yourself hanging out with one of them and acting as if she were your girlfriend.

And although we will never dictate how your personal GFE encounter plays out, it usually follows a formula reminiscent of a genuine lovers’ trust.

The Setting

You may opt to meet the girlfriend experience escort in a cafe, restaurant, or park. You’ll be behaving like a normal couple, of course – exchanging jokes, talking about the weather, people-watching, having lunch or dinner or both.

You may also decide to do something else, like take her to the theatre to watch your favourite play, or to the cinema to watch the latest blockbuster film you’ve been dying to see. You may also want to watch an AFL game, netball or soccer match together. Followed by a walk under the stars and a cuddle under the moonlight. 

Some clients take their GFE escort to an office party or function where they can mingle and socialise like a couple of sweethearts who can’t get enough of each other.

Whatever the initial setting, dinner usually follows, some romance and heavy flirting. More kisses and passionate embraces can occure – and this may or may not be followed by a night or day spent in a tasteful hotel making love.

The Characters

When you sign up for a GFE encounter, it is expected that you will play your part. You will be attentive, respectful, and thoughtful, just as the girlfriend experience escort will be, and more.

Your partner for the day will be wholesome, cute, sexy, witty, charming – all in one package – and truly fun to be around. She’ll be acting exactly like the kind of girl you would want to take home to your close friends and introduce to your family.

And since an ideal girlfriend is always ready to listen, you can unload and let her see your vulnerable side. You can tell her anything and everything without fear of reprisal. She’s not just a gorgeous girl who knows exactly what to say, she’s also got a good heart that listens.

The girlfriend experience escort will be the girl of your dreams. She’s not only sweet, feminine, graceful, classy and elegant, but also witty, mesmerising, sensual, and steamy when she needs to be.

She will laugh at your jokes, touch your arm, be friendly, bat her eyelashes, and play with her hair – like any girl would when she’s with a man she cherishes.

And although your GFE partner can be flirty and naughty in bed, she expects nothing less than respectful treatment from you – the way you would extend courtesy to a true blue girlfriend.

The Costumes

For a GFE encounter, you’re expected to dress the way you would for a regular date – with utmost care and effort, especially if you’re going somewhere special.

Of course, you can’t expect anything less from our girls. The girlfriend experience escort you choose will arrive at your tryst tastefully and appropriately dressed for the occasion – whilst perhaps wearing your favourite sexy lingerie underneath.

If you have specific preferences or instructions regarding the kind of clothing you want her to wear and bring, all you need to do is ask. Whatever the case may be, you can expect our girls to deliver your fantasy by arriving dressed to impress – no matter how simple her attire may be.

Prepare for a Magical Night

Once you are safely inside your hotel room – you will see her transform from being your sweet cutie pie into a sexy, elegant, playful little fox. She’ll resist your advances until you are able to persuade her to undress and reveal the lingerie underneath.

She’ll drive you wild but make you comfortable enough to be yourself. She can give you a masterfully executed massage guaranteed to take you to the brink of excitement. And just like any girlfriend, she will take pleasure in your pleasure, and your mutual understanding of each other’s needs should ensure a night of excitement, passion, and bliss.

Before the night is over, you may find yourselves alternating between conversations and lovemaking. Cuddles are a must, and so is spooning. Just do what feels right and comfortable for you and your girlfriend for the night.

Almost Too Real

Most clients report seeing the GFE encounter as something so surreal, yet so real.

This is exactly why we have an unrivalled reputation when it comes to this brand of special service.

There’s literally no way other people can guess that you’re with an escort. They’ll all assume you’re a couple in love, and who have been together for some time. In fact, there will be moments in your girlfriend experience when you will start to wonder if you’re really having dinner with an escort – that’s the level of excellence we continue to strive for.

And it’s exactly why we are the best there is.

We have no one but the best of the girlfriend experience escorts in Sydney, all ready to please you, tease you, and literally rock your world.

Are you ready to have your first genuine GFA encounter? Unsure of what should be your first move?

No worries, there’s no need to hesitate. All you need to do is give us a call, and our gracious receptionists will make sure to attend to all your needs thereon.

Soon, you’ll be stepping out with your girlfriend for the day in your arms.

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