What’s Included in a PSE Escort Service?

Posted on Dec 29, 2019

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There is absolutely no surprise why the PSE (pornstar experience) is one of the most highly availed services in the sex and escorting industry. After all, a porn site is one of the first places we visit to discover what kind of sex we like and don’t like. Through porn, we are able to browse through different sex acts, scenarios, and kinks. After watching a good amount of porn, we start to develop our favourites and fantasies. We find ourselves thinking, Man, wouldn’t it be great to have sex just like that?

It certainly would be great, wouldn’t it? Well, your porn fantasy can become a reality with pornstar experience escort services. Clients who have availed of the PSE escort service can definitely attest to how mind-blowing this type of escort service is. Expect only the naughtiest, raunchiest hardcore porn-level playtime that’s guaranteed to get you so physically ramped up. You might end up not wanting to watch porn anymore — the real-life sexual experience you’ll be drawing up from memory might just be enough to get you going for days, weeks on end!

Think you’re ready to fuck like everyone’s watching? Read on to find out what’s included in a pornstar experience escort service.

Ready, Lights and, action! 

What’s included: hardcore sex acts

In a PSE escort service, you get to perform sex acts you’ve always wanted to try. It could either be challenging or unconventional sex positions, dirty talking, spanking and choking, anal play, use of sex toys, and more! When we say wild and uninhibited, we mean wild and letting loose. 

A PSE escort provides a porn star experience service for a reason: she herself is capable of performing exactly like the girls in porn movies (the best escorts can even do better!) This means that she will definitely challenge you to be the best pornstar self you can be. She will have the professional experience to guide you as to how you can best perform. 

But the golden rule of availing of PSE escort services is this: only do what you and your escort have agreed upon. This is especially important in the case of PSE. If you want to lean towards the hardcore side of the sex act spectrum, all the participants in that sexual activity must be fully aware of what will happen and be adequately prepared to perform it. Remember, full consent is a non-negotiable requirement for sex.

PSE – What’s the story?

What’s included: role playing, scene and setting 

You’re a university professor, and she’s a horny student looking to get extra credit. You’re a pool boy, and she’s the lonely housewife whose husband refuses to attend to her needs. You’ve been acting like a real brat, and mistress is so unhappy with you she ties you up and uses you as you whimper on, gagged and strapped to your knees. Or you and your wife had just come back from your second honeymoon, and–gasp!–you caught your bad babysitter masturbating on your couch! 

What’s your favorite porn scenario? Which of the many (many!) porn categories really gets you hot and bothered even in the first few minutes? Whatever your fantasy role play is, there’s definitely a perfect girl for you. From sweet and innocent baby girls to strong and powerful pro-dommes, there’s an escort for every porn fantasy. You can also ask your chosen escort to incorporate your preferred sex acts into the roleplay experience. PSE escort services are always customisable, and for as long as the communication is clear, a PSE escort will be more than eager to pleasure you in the exact way you wish to be pleasured.

For the win: the money shot!

What’s included: the chance to cum like an alpha pornstar

The money shot is the scene in a porn film where the male actor is seen ejaculating. The money shot is often considered the most important scene in a porno. It is the peak of satisfaction, the final release of the sexual tension and sensation that sex participants worked so hard to build up. Men pride themselves in being “goers” and taking a long time to finish, so when they finally do, it’s a party! Women love watching men cum, too: the male orgasm is their reward for all their good work!

This is why in PSE escort services, the money shot is given special attention. How would you like your money shot to look like? Would you like to gift your girl a pearl necklace — as in, would you like to cum on her chest? A PSE escort can make that happen for you (and with no extra cost!). As long as you let her know in advance, she will be more than happy to have your sweet juices glazing all over her big beautiful breasts.

A few things to take note of when you’re looking to avail of a PSE escort service

Just because an escort can provide the pornstar experience doesn’t mean there will be no terms, conditions, and specifications. This can vary from one escort to another. But perhaps what is consistent among all escorts is this: safe sex is the best and only kind of sex there is to be had. No matter how daring you and your chosen girl could be, protection and consent will be the number one priority.

Another thing: just because what you want is a nasty time doesn’t mean you can skip the getting-to-know-you part of things. Escorts also have to feel comfortable with you, and the two of you must be able to build reliable trust and connection so things don’t go wrong. Let the sex be rough and the overall experience be smooth-sailing. What you need to do at the booking stage is to communicate all your wants and needs when you’re making the booking. No surprises, no awkward pauses, no moments of confusion. When you communicate properly, you’re allowing your girl to do her job and serve you well. The better the communication, the better the sex!

Book the Be PSE Escort

Finally, the best way to have a great pornstar experience . . . is to have more of it! When you book the same PSE girl more than once, you end up getting more and more comfortable and connected with her, and your deepened trust and understanding can mean heightened sexual satisfaction for the both of you! 

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