Why I Love to Masturbate

Posted on Jul 26, 2015

arabella blog storiesBy Arabella Fox

We all know you naughty boys enjoy playing with your trouser snake! However, a lot of people mistakenly believe that masturbation is a strictly male pursuit. I am here today to assure you that this is most definitely not the case… girls can play too 😉

Depending on age, almost 100 percent of men and 82 percent of women admit to masturbating. There is still a gender gap when it comes to frequency though. Studies show that for the highest frequency masturbators, 20 percent of men aged 25-29 masturbate 4 or more times per week, while only 5 percent of women do. In older age groups the gap grows even wider.

What a shame – those ladies don’t know what they’re missing out on! I have always felt very comfortable within my own skin and want to experience pleasure as regularly as possible. Why not? Life is for living, right?! As a high class Sydney escort I love to play with myself… particularly when I have an audience. It’s my absolute favourite type of adult entertainment – where I am the star of the show 😉

Whenever I speak to my girlfriends or fellow female escorts, I learn that every girl has a different way of getting off. While some of my friends love to watch porn, others use dildos and vibrators, and some just rely on their hands and good old-fashioned imagination! It seems that in Sydney sex and even solo sex comes in many shapes and sizes.

Something every woman who masturbates agrees on is that once she has one orgasm, she’ll stick around for more – because the extras come pretty much free of charge. It’s like the Boxing Day sales where everything is 2 (or 3 or 4) for the price of one! In fact I know a certain blonde escort in Sydney who reports having up to 13 orgasms per session… what an athlete 😉

Masturbation has loads of benefits for men, women and even for the hottest escorts in Sydney. It eases stress, boosts self esteem and body image, and can improve your sex life on the whole. Self-pleasuring also supports your immune system, helps you sleep and can even soothe muscle pain and headaches. What’s not to love?

While I often masturbate on my own, I also love to do it with a man watching as part of my Sydney outcall service. I’ll start with a slow striptease, slipping out of my dress so my client can admire my lacy black lingerie, suspender stockings and high heels. After giving him a lap dance, I’ll strip completely naked, part my legs and start pleasuring myself, while he watches and plays with himself. This is a huge turn on for both of us! I’ll stop just before I am about to orgasm, so we can have sex and climax together.

It’s definitely one way to spice things up and worth keeping in mind for your next outcall service! Just ask your chosen Sydney escort to play with herself – I guarantee you will both enjoy it 😉

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