Your Guide to Dirty Talk

Posted on Mar 18, 2015

Sex was never meant to be a silent experience. Whether you’re exploring fantasies and desires through words, whispering to arouse your partner, or simply adding your ears to the parts of your body that are being stimulated, dirty talk is a fantastic way to increase your pleasure during a sexual encounter.
No, not all voices are equal when it comes to sexiness; we’re not all blessed with Barry White’s mesmerising vocal chords or Scarlett Johansson’s delicious accent. But, with dirty talk, it’s really the content that counts. The right choice of words can always elevate a night of passion to a higher level. Knowing what to say and when to say it can add an erotic thrill to any tryst. Below are some tips to help you get your dirty talk just right.

Discuss in Advance

Worried what you’re going to say in the heat of the moment is too strange or kinky? Our Sydney escorts have heard and seen it all, so you can feel confident knowing they won’t be judging you. With that said, it’s always good to have a quick chat about what kind of language you love to hear during sex, as well as any words or phrases that turn you off. As a bonus, talking about what will be happening soon is a brilliant way to get into the mood.
During this conversation, check if your escort has any boundaries regarding what you say or call her; making sure she’s comfortable will ensure the experience is pleasurable for both of you.


While having sex, you’ll often instinctively sense good times to say something dirty. The perfect words for these gaps don’t always come so easily though. If you’re stuck on what to say, you can always fall back on telling your escort how attractive or talented she is. To maximise the effect, focus on complimenting specific body parts and actions rather than just using generic words.

Encourage and Lead

If something your escort does makes you feel particularly ecstatic, don’t keep this to yourself. Letting her know how fantastic it feels will help her focus her energy appropriately to maximise your pleasure. Plus, describing what’s happening aloud will turn you on as well.
Another aspect of dirty talk is often explaining what you’d like to occur next. Doing so in detail can really build up the anticipation and, as with the movies, greater suspense often leads to a more satisfying climax.

man whispering dirty talk in womans earVocalise

Some feelings are just too intense for words to do them justice. Sometimes, while experiencing pure bliss, the language we speak daily can abandon us completely. In moments like these, you can always rely on primal noises to communicate how good you feel. Whether via moans, grunts, sighs or screams of pleasure, don’t be afraid to vocalise. These raw sounds rarely fail to add intensity to a sexual encounter and they can often be the most powerful way of communicating your enjoyment to your escort.
The library, the cinemas, the golf course… there are some places where keeping quiet is a great idea. The bedroom is certainly not one of those places, especially if you’re enjoying a hot night with a beautiful escort.
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