6 Good Sex Habits to Get Into

Posted on Sep 5, 2017

blonde sexy female in white lingerieWe’re sure your sex life is already rocking, but what if we told you it could be even better? Allow us to introduce you to the idea of ‘good sex habits’.

Just as there are certain ways to conduct yourself when it comes to eating, exercising and manners, good habits can also be associated with sex. To avoid picking up any bad habits in the bedroom, practice a few of the following behaviours:

1. Work your Kegels

Want stronger orgasms? Multiple orgasms? More feeling during sex? Harder erections? (Yes please!) Then you need to get into the habit of working out your Kegel muscles.

Both women and men should flex their pelvic floor a couple times a day. If you’ve never done this before, the easiest way to engage your Kegels is to imagine you’re stopping a stream of urine. Once the muscles are engaged, hold it for a few seconds each time.

2. Make time for sex

There are a million excuses for putting off sex: tiredness, kids, work, social engagements… If this sounds familiar, get into the good sex habit of making time for intimacy.

Scheduling sex with your partner might not sound romantic, but try to see it as a form of foreplay. If you know Tuesday and Thursday evenings are set aside for sex, spend those days teasing and flirting with your partner. A sext or a note detailing what you’d like to get up to later will help build anticipation. More importantly, it makes sure you actually get around to doing the deed!

3. Enjoy solo play

This means masturbation. Whether you’re a seasoned solo-player or not, enjoying some alone time is a great way to discover what you like. Indulging in masturbation — even if you’re in a relationship, or regularly seeing a Select Sydney escort — gives you the opportunity to discover new turn-ons. You can then bring these moves to the bedroom during your next play session.

4. Check yourself

Good sex habits extend beyond the bedroom. Always keep an eye on your sexual health and do regular checks of your genitals and body. When something feels a little off, it’s worth being mindful of these changes. If it effects your sexual experience, or could affect your partner, then make sure you follow it up with a trip to your GP or sexual health clinic.

5. Take your post-sex time

Life is busy, but if you have the opportunity to relax after sex, take it. Studies suggest that participating in post-nookie affection leads to a more satisfying sex life. Rather than rushing to the shower or rolling over and falling asleep, take hold of you partner and bask in the intimate glow you just created.

6. Ask for what you want

Keeping quiet while your lover goes to town on your genitals like a jackhammer, because they think that’s what you enjoy, isn’t going to make anyone feel good. You won’t orgasm and they’ll eventually find out they’ve been doing it all wrong. Ouch in the ego department.

One of the most important good sex habits you need to get into is the ability to communicate during sex. Learn to ask for what you want in the sack and you and your partner can both benefit.

Getting into good sex habits can be hard. But if you can pick up even one of these habits, you’ll be on the right path to experiencing better sex. Need a little practice? Then make a date with your favourite Select Sydney Escort. Our lovely ladies will be happy to pull you up on any bad bedroom habits.

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