Annoying Sex Habits and How to Break Them

Posted on Jul 7, 2017

curvy busty blonde escortAnnoying habits can be deal breakers when it comes to sex. Whether you forget to take your socks off before getting into bed or you suck at giving oral (no pun intended), most people have at least one annoying sex-related habit. Over time, these behaviours can become so ingrained you might not realise how annoying they are – but we bet your partners will.

If your annoying sex habits are starting to impact your love life, keep reading for advice on how to break them for good.

Poor sex etiquette

No matter how great you are in bed, there’s no excuse for bad manners. Poor sex etiquette can refer to a range of dodgy deeds in the bedroom, but these are some of the worst offenders:


  • Leaving without saying goodbye – Even if you wake up with an awful hangover, there’s no excuse for sneaking out.


  • Not cleaning up – Sex can be a messy business. While there’s nothing wrong with making a mess in the first place, you should always do your fair share of cleaning up after the fact.


  • Checking your phone – Everyone knows that it’s rude to check their phone at the dinner table, and yet some people think it’s OK to do this during sex. Unless there’s an emergency, leave your phone alone! Using it to film DIY porn is also acceptable.

If you’re guilty of poor sex etiquette, you might want to start minding your manners. The next time you get lucky, do your best to be more polite than usual. By making a conscious effort to practice good behaviour, you’ll eventually lose any bad habits you’ve picked up over the years.

Recycling sex toys

Ew. This habit isn’t just annoying (and gross) – it can be downright dangerous. Unless you thoroughly clean your sex toys with industrial-strength disinfectant, never use them on more than one partner.

Getting kinky without consent

Trying out any kind of kink on your partner without running it by them first is a big no-no. Even if it’s something fairly vanilla, you should always ask for consent. This is one of the worst sex habits out there, so the sooner you break it, the better. We know it can be difficult to talk about your sexual fantasies, but you’ll just have to get over your inhibitions.

Taking more than you give

No one likes a selfish lover. If you expect your partner to pleasure you, it’s only fair that you pleasure them in return. From failing to make an effort during foreplay to only thinking of your own orgasm, not giving as good as you get is super annoying. To break this habit, try to be more considerate when having sex.

Awkward dirty talk

Dirty talk can be sexy, but only when it’s done right. If you tend to say the first thing that pops into your head, try to think before your speak. To improve your dirty talk game, the best thing you can do is relax and be yourself – this will help you sound more sincere and sexy.

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