Aphrodisiacs – Do They Really Work?

Posted on May 5, 2016

A natural boost to your libido? Sign us up! The concept of the aphrodisiac is as old as time – they’re fairly well documented in many different societies and eras. But is the idea of upping your intake of certain foods, or rubbing something into your skin, or mixing something into your next drink in order to crank your sex drive up completely absurd? The answer seems to be: kind of.

What is an aphrodisiac?

An aphrodisiac is a substance that stimulates sexual desire. It’s interesting to note that drugs or foods that claim to improve performance don’t fall under this category – to be called an aphrodisiac, it has to help create the desire to actually have sex.

What are some common substances touted to do the trick?

We could sit here and list things that have been claimed to increase libido all day long. There are that many! Some of the common ones, though, include:
• Oysters
• Chocolate
• Nutmeg
• Chilies
• Spanish Fly.
There are heaps of reasons these types of things garner a reputation for facilitating bedroom time – things that resemble genitalia, increase blood flow, or just stimulate the senses all tend to be high on the list.

Do they actually work?A woman eating chilli

Studies seem to show that it is difficult to claim that any one thing consistently works to create desire. Even on the same person, something can seem to work one time and then fail to work the next. This seems to indicate that successes can be put down to a placebo effect.
This isn’t necessarily bad news though! It basically means it’s all in your head – so if you believe it will have the right effect, then it will. Whether you use this to create mental cues to turn it on whenever you need to, or just find something that ‘works’ for you and use that, aphrodisiacs can definitely be used to your advantage!
Aside from these consumable things, you’ll also see claims around that various scents, music and exercise can help get those nice feelings flowing. There is actually some research surrounding these theories – artificial pheromones have been used to show the effect scent can have on people, and we’ve explored the effects exercise can have on your sex life in previous posts.
Of course, you never know what will work for you until you try – book one of our stunning Sydney escorts and treat the two of you to a sensual chocolate experience, or enjoy some oysters at a local cocktail bar! Check out our gallery to choose a lovely lady to accompany you as you explore what’s fact and what’s false.
Fun fact: the opposite of an aphrodisiac is called an ‘anaphrodisiac’!

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