Is Booking an Escort Better than Having an Affair?

Posted on Aug 12, 2013

At our Select Sydney escorts we understand that it’s completely natural to fantasise about other women, even if you are happily married. You might be bored or dissatisfied in the bedroom, looking for variety or simply addicted to the excitement of cheating.

Booking an Escort is Better than an Affair

Or perhaps your fantasies centre on the youthful waitress at your local cafe, with her fresh-faced beauty, friendly smile and full cleavage. You imagine stripping the clothes off her tight, young body and making her moan with pleasure. But before you get involved with another woman, stop and think: an affair can quickly become very complicated, and there are a lot of hazards involved.

The sexy secretary might be married, with a husband and kids of her own; your dates soon become weighed down by guilt, anxiety and baggage.

And while the hot young waitress may be single, she is likely to get attached way too fast; with emotional demands, neediness and late-night phone calls spoiling the thrill of the affair and increasing your chances of getting caught.

By booking a Sydney escort, you get to live out your fantasies with no strings attached. At Select Sydney Escorts, we have a diverse selection of beautiful ladies available to help make your dreams reality.

Our stunning Sydney escorts will blow your mind and treat you to sizzling passion, without getting emotionally attached. This way, you avoid the risk and hassle of having an affair, while reaping all the benefits between the sheets.

Each of our high class escorts has a beautiful face, smoking hot body, and skills that are guaranteed to delight. The ladies are true professionals whose only desire is to pleasure you. Because there is no love involved with your Select Sydney Escort booking, you don’t need to feel so bad: you are simply fulfilling a natural urge.

Booking a discreet and private Sydney escort is much more discreet than having an affair. You simply nominate a time and a place – such as a hotel – for your booking, and your chosen lady will meet you. There is no need to take her out on dates, to dinner, for weekends away or to meet her friends, as you would with a mistress; all these outings increase the risk of being caught. They are also very expensive! In this way, booking a Sydney escort is also much cheaper than having an affair.

If you’re an adventurous lover keen to sample a variety of different vixens, you could even book a different high class escort each time – from blonde bombshells to voluptuous European beauties and everything in between.

At Select Sydney Escorts, you can take your pick of Sydney’s best high class private escorts to satisfy your wildest desires without needing to get involved in a complicated and expensive affair.  Related article
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