Do You Need More Stimulation?

Posted on Aug 15, 2013

Do You Need More Sexual Stimulation?

sexual stimulation blog postIf it’s true that men think about sex every seven seconds (around 8000 times per day), then you are probably feeling a little bit frustrated. No matter how active your sex life is, it can be difficult to satisfy every erotic urge that passes through your brain.

Because men are hard-wired to spread their seed, countless moments in each day will trigger you to become aroused and dream about sex. A beautiful woman on the train bites her lip, and you wonder what those lips would feel like on your mouth, your chest, your stomach… A sexy girl bends over to pick something up in the street, and you imagine her well-rounded buttocks bent over your bed… Your hot secretary tosses her hair back, and you dream of kissing and stroking her naked body until she writhes in pleasure.

All these thoughts are completely normal, but unfortunately real life doesn’t always measure up to a man’s fantasy world. The female sex drive is generally lower, which means married men sometimes have to beg their wives for sex and still feel like they’re not getting enough.

Single men, on the other hand, often find dating to be a very expensive and complicated way to achieve the simple sexual satisfaction they crave. If this sounds like you, why not consider booking a high class Sydney escort to fulfill your desires?

Here at Select Sydney Escorts, many of our clients come to us because they are bored with their sex life and need more stimulation than they are getting at home.

Each of our high class escorts has a gorgeous face, seriously hot body, and a bright, bubbly personality. We pride ourselves on selecting only the most attractive and charming ladies, who know exactly how to pleasure you until you explode with ecstasy.

Along with their sensational looks and personalities, our Sydney escorts are experts in the art of love. Each lady has her own special style and talent that’s sure to delight even the most discerning gentleman.

Your Sydney escort might be a skilful masseuse, who rubs oil over her voluptuous breasts, before sliding her body over yours until you almost burst with desire. Perhaps your high class escort specialises in striptease, peeling off layers of lacy lingerie until every inch of her perfect body is visible, ready for you to explore with hands and tongue. Or your chosen Sydney escort might be into role play, allowing you to live out your naughty fantasies with a sexy, fun and obliging partner.

Whatever you desire, the stunning independent escorts at Select Sydney escorts agency are sure to satisfy your needs. Even better, our talented Sydney escorts may be able to stimulate you in ways you hadn’t dreamed of before. Related article
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