What You Can Expect From a Submissive Escort

Posted on Feb 25, 2022

Submissive Escorts

Being with submissive escorts can be an exhilarating fantasy for you. If that’s what you have always wanted, for sure you have already got a picture of what that hot and steamy session could look like.  

But it is important to remember that when it comes to BDSM, there are specifics and intricacies you need to take note of. See, being with a submissive may be a unique sexual experience, but it’s precisely that uniqueness that makes it a little more complicated than most.  

Why be just a man when you can be a king? Why not get the royal treatment from a submissive escort in Sydney? If you want to be the dom to a waiting sub, read on to find out what you can expect from a submissive escort.  

She will invite you to discuss your set-up

Anyone who’s tried BDSM knows that no BDSM session is spontaneous, perhaps only with the exception of partners whose relationship has lasted long enough for spontaneity to not be a problem anymore.  

Why? Because the following must be discussed: rules, safe words, and limits. No submissive escort in Sydney will proceed without having gone through this initial step. 

In a dom-sub relationship, naturally, the former enjoys more control than the latter. That’s what excites either party: the dom is sexually aroused by having control, the sub is sexually aroused by giving it up. But it’s that imbalance of power that makes it so dangerous. In order for the session to stay on the kinky side – danger as in the sexy kind, not the actual dangerous kind –the two must be clear on what makes or doesn’t make each other comfortable.  

Rules and Limitations

First, the rules and limitations. The sub will tell you what she wants and doesn’t want: what her pain tolerance is, what sex acts she is or isn’t comfortable with, what kind of aftercare she needs. No two subs are the same, so it’s best to really ask exactly what those rules and limitations are. Of course, you as the dom may have your own rules and limitations as well, so you have to bring those up, too. It’s important to be honest, as there is a very thin line between sexy and uncomfortable when it comes to BDSM. In this case, sexy is 100 percent synonymous to safe and consensual.   

On that note, make sure you two have a safe word. If either of you cross or go awfully near each other’s limits, or generally don’t feel too comfortable in the middle of the session, say the safe word and you two must stop.  

Once you’ve got this taken care of, you’re in for the kink of your life.  

All About YOU

To a sub, there’s nothing more important than her their dom. Expect her to be on her knees for you, begging for your approval, waiting for her reward at the end of it all.  

And that’s exactly what is in it for her. That’s the main thing about being a submissive: it’s all about delayed gratification. She sources her pleasure from the fact that you choose not to give it to her right away. She has to work towards it, prove to you that she deserves it, convince you to finally please her by doing whatever she can to please you.  

That’s why when you are the dominant in a BDSM session, she expects you to be mindful and aware of your power.  

Dominance is not as simple as asserting power in bed, although that is a huge chunk of it. Those who do not have a clear understanding of what dominance is think that power means being able to do whatever you want in bed. The word “whatever” implies recklessness and neglect, and that’s not what being a dom is about. Dominance is about power – power not as in freedom. Power as in control. Control, therefore, implies responsibility.  Authority. That’s where the sex is. That’s what truly spells the difference. 

What to Expect from a Submissive

Since you’re the dominant, it’s your job to make sure what you two are doing are equally pleasurable for the two of you. You hold the reins – she’s handed them to you the second you both pressed play. You can expect that she will endeavour to please you in as much as you should endeavour to please her. The power may be imbalanced, but the pleasure? Never.  

How that would look like exactly depends on what sex acts you both have agreed to do. Spanking? Flogging? Tying her up? Sensory deprivation using a blindfold? Or the classic worship scene? Whatever the act is, the dynamics should be the same: one has control, the other submits to that control, but both are equally aroused by gaining or losing power.  

You will be surprised at how much a submissive escort in Sydney can do for you with just one BDSM session. BDSM starts in the mind, and you can guarantee that you’ll walk away having gained access to mental tools that will help you get things in order in your life, just like you would in bed with her.   

Importance of Aftercare

Just like in the initial step, no submissive escort in Sydney will proceed if you have not promised aftercare. Aftercare is exactly what it sounds like: a warm, loving cuddle sesh after you have let go of your power roles.  

Aftercare is important because of the nature of BDSM itself. Most of it is psychological play: you have to get into the headspace of the role you’re playing, so when you step back out of it, you’re going to need to debrief from the encounter. During aftercare, you can place your minds back to their regular state and talk about how being a dom or sub made you feel.  

Aftercare is especially important for the sub. After all that pain being inflicted on her, she will want to have it balanced out with softness and warmth. Sometimes, aftercare can be literal: if you see bruises or cuts on her body, you might need to attend to that, too. She expects you to do so not just as a dom, but as a caring gentleman.  

Want to know what it’s like to be a dom?

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