What Makes Repeat Bookings with a High Class Escort Awesome

Posted on Jun 2, 2020

One of the many things high class escorts in Sydney enjoy is a repeat booking. A repeat booking is when a client books the same girl for multiple sessions over a period of a few weeks or months. When an escort takes a particular liking to a client, she will agree to see him (or her, or them) more than once.  

A repeat booking is a sign that there’s a good relationship building up between the escort and the client. That relationship is meant to be nurtured and tended to until the escort and the client form a strong sexual bond, a healthy level of intimacy, and most of all, a genuine friendship.  

In this article, learn why repeat bookings with Sydney high class escorts are worth celebrating, and why you should aim for repeat bookings with your lady.  

High Class escorts like to warm up

Anyone that’s been with a high-class escort will tell you that spending time with one is not as ‘pornographic’ as what most people imagine. There’s going to be talking, wining and dining, and some shared laughter here and there. What high-class escorts understand is that for sex to be truly satisfying, true foreplay should start in the mind – once she and the client have found a common vibe to catch, the sex becomes natural, even intimate.  

And it’s not just the conversation per se that’s valuable; it’s your shared quality time overall that makes a huge difference in how you pleasure each other in bed. This means that while you’re telling each other your stories, there’s a lot of eye contact, affectionate touching, holding hands, cuddling. Regardless of the service you avail of – whether it’s the Girlfriend Experience or the Porn Star Experience – this getting-to-know-you step isn’t one that a high-class escort would skip.   

A repeat booking, therefore, creates more opportunities for quality time to happen. The more time you spend hanging out together, the sooner your personalities find that common ground, and later, you’ll find yourselves much more comfortable with each other, clothed or otherwise. And a repeat booking won’t happen in the first place if you didn’t already like each other 

Getting to know each other’s bodies better 

On your first booking, you’re giving each other an introduction to your bodies. You tell each other where your “buttons” are: what turns you on, what your sexual pet peeves are, etc. The average length of time that high class escorts in Sydney are booked for is four hours. In those four hours, you are likely going to be doing what already works for you. 

But when you schedule repeat bookings, you open up opportunities to either deepen existing pleasures or discover new ones. It’s important to do this with an escort you had already been with, as they will have a good picture of your wants and needs and can work from there.  

For example, if you requested for an erotic sensual massage the first time, on your repeat booking, you can ask her to try new massage techniques or explore a different area. Or if you requested for light rimming the first time, maybe next time, you do the same thing, but using toys.  

But one thing that really drives clients to make repeat bookings is the discovery of new pleasures. When clients want to explore a challenging sex position or a body part they’d previously neglected, they feel more comfortable doing it with someone they had already been with. As always, the more comfortable you are, the better the sex. 

Experience High Class Escorts in levels 

If you’re looking to push the bounds of your naughtiness slowly but surely, the best way to do this is by scheduling repeat bookings. This is the system of choice for people who avail not just of a sex act, but a whole experience.  

An example of this is Bondage and Domination. BDSM requires a person to fully engage themselves in the activity: physically, mentally, and emotionally. Because a person is most likely to be totally subsumed in the activity, seasoned BDSM practitioners always advise pleasure providers and their clients to start at the least intense level and then gradually work themselves up. Repeat bookings allow you to experience BDSM in this healthy manner.  

The same thing goes for other experiences on the hardcore spectrum, such as the Porn Star Experience. It involves role-play and requires you and the escort to fully immerse yourselves in your roles. If you think sex itself takes mad skills, try mixing those with acting skills! You can start with something easy (like everyone’s favourite: the babysitter plot), and then work yourselves up to more challenging roles.  

If you’ve found your gem of High Class Girls, don’t let go 

 No two Sydney high class escorts are the same. Other clients will not find it too difficult to find a girl that they like if they’re after the more common services, like the GFE or social escort service. But if you have more specific wants and needs, you might need to find that special one whose preferences also match yours. Once you’ve found her, it would be stupid to let go, wouldn’t it? 

Another reason for a repeat booking is that it can be difficult to go through the whole warming-up-to-you process all over again. This is especially true for those who avail of couples services, specifically those who hire an escort to help them spice up their sexual relationship. Their chosen escort would already be invested in their journey, so it would make no sense to switch providers.

Still asking yourself if you should make a repeat booking? Why not? 

 If you had a good time with our Select Sydney high class escorts, there’s really no reason not to hire them again. After all, life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest! 

 Schedule your repeat booking now! You know these are your favourite numbers to call: 

  • 02 9955 3345 
  • 0497 69 60 69

We look forward to getting in touch with you soon.  


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